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Just wondering if spine crawlers with lings to fend off early aggression then fast tech to muta a viable strategy versus sling/bling, someone did that to me today. I ended up winning by killing all his structures first. Did i wait too long or is the fast tech muta the new ZvZ strategy.
Just played a game today, where I was in the role of the agressor, and my opponent was like you, fast teching to mutas under my sling/bling pressure. This was on Desert Oasis, a very muta-friendly map.

When I saw the Lair morphing, I began morphing my own lair, and threw down a hydra den after completion, which discouraged mutalisk play. I find in higher ZvZ matches, Roach/Hydra/Infestor eats Speedling/Baneling/Roach/Mutalisk easily, as mutas are easily countered by Fungal growth and hydras.

For example, I FG-ed 15 of his mutas as they attacked my base, killing all of them without a loss because of my hydras' superior range.
mutas are good for harass, but just massing only mutas can be a mistake another zerg player because they can easily make plenty of hydras.

Hydras are awesome against air units, especially with their range upgrade. Hydras > Mutas even though mutas are more mobile, it won't matter when you are defending against a hydra push. Think about it, hydras cost less resource to make, faster to spawn, and essentially dominate air units. Why would you want to tech straight into mutas in a zvz? Just go with the safe build of roach/hydras/infestors or maybe just lings OR (MAYBE mutas, but that is just resource costly)
yea, i realized, after dropping a few games in a row, that it was just me having a bad day
However, always realize when you have the advantage. If you've seriously damaged his econ, but can't do the final finisher, tech to mutas--if he's too far behind, that will be the clincher.
ZvZ as far as I've seen is a massive microfest until somebody can get mutas. And the person who gets a significant amount of mutas first wins.

So the two main strategies are: kill the opponent before he can get mutas OR get mutas before your opponent.

I have not been impressed at all by hydralisks in ZvZ. They lose against the most common units in the matchup, zerglings and banelings. (And if you're getting mutas you always have extra minerals for zerglings) They're slow enough that a significant muta force can just dance around them all day, making it almost impossible for the Hydra player to attack, lest they let their own base fall.

To answer the OP: yes, turtling to mutalisks is a solid strategy. You may need to get banelings however to fend off mass zergling attacks. Spinecrawlers are mostly for roaches.

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