I am 2 and 2 in my qualifying matches so far.

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Match 1: Terran who I beat easily.

Match 2: Protoss that ended up void rushing and beating me. I don't know that I could call it rushing though since I had roaches and some hydras out by then. Score sheet said he had way more resources. He just outproduced me. Better player.

Match 3. Protoss who rana zealot over first thing and kept sending zealots in 2 and 3 and disrupted my economy to the point that I could not fight back. Looking back I can see a few things I could have done better but I lost.

Match 4: Protoss who was a pretty even match. He hit me when I had roaches up but I beat him back. he hit a few minutes later and I had a handful of hydras out too and beat him again. I already had my expansion out and beat his thrid attempt. Shortly after I sent hydras, roaches, speedlings and corruptors with one broodlord. Did lots of damage and followed twice more with more broodlords each time. There were tough fights but I won that also.

I am disappointed about losing the third match to that lame zealot rush and I really want to win the last match. I don't want to finish under 50% although as poor a player as I am I think i'd be better off not doing too well in the qualifiers and getting put in a league that is out of my league so to speak.

I need to do a bit more research. Protoss typically give me trouble.

Any advice is very welcome.

I am doing 14 pool, 14 gas and roaches pretty quick. I usually put out 6 speedlings while working on roaches and try to set them either back from the ramp or forward of the ramp on open ground so they can surround the bad guys.
Notice no zerg. Although, I just recommended scouting. (Zealot push)

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