can you play with 1g of ram

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i know it says the min is 2g of ram but was wondering if you can play with only 1?
I'm pretty sure they put those requirements in for a reason, but I'm sure somewhere out there someone will/has devise(d) a way to do it.

I wouldn't recommend it though, since that's a low amount of RAM for any gaming system these days.
I just finished the campaign on a May 2006 15" MBP. It is possible to do, however you have to be prepared to enjoy (literally) 20 minute load times for missions, unbelievable lag during any kind of transition from area to area of any component of the game, and infuriating gaps in the cutscenes, all on the absolute lowest settings humanly possible. It will look like you're playing FF7, and it will by agonizing making it through every section of the game, but after a few minutes of stutter at the beginning of each level, the game itself *plays* ok. During the beta, I was able to play games without much grief, and I can play vs. the AI in non-campaign games that run well enough, but as far as the campaign goes I would definitely shell out $50 for another gig or RAM if I had it...

ATI x1600 128mb
2 gHz Intel Core Duo
i'm playing on one gig of ram with the lowest settings, it doesn't look like much but it runs just fine. Only problem is the campaign load times are intense, but i have been playing online without any issues.
RAM is dirt cheap these days. I maxed out my MBP (3 years old - 4 GB) for like $70 on newegg.

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