"The disk doesn't have enough free space,,,"

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"The disk doesn't have enough free space to install StarCraft II. Please free up space."

I get this error when trying to run installer.exe.

I'm guessing that it automatically checks your C: for space before even starting the installer program. I only have 2GB free on my C: and I can't really free up much more space than that.

I have plenty of room on other disk drives though, like the ones I put my games on. I have 2 SSDs - One for my OS (my C:) and one for common applications and games. Not to mention the TB+ I have for media.

I suspect that my guess is correct about the automatically checking C: before running launcher as I was able to install to my EeePC without issue. And an even bigger kick to the nuts than it thinking I didn't have enough space on my desktop to begin with, was once the installer.exe started, it prompted me for where I would like to install the game.

So I had to install to my slow slow slow EeePC, and then copy the whole directory over my network onto my desktop just to play this game.

I just want to know if I am correct in my assumption about it checking C: before actually running the installation program. And if I am correct, WHY THE @%*# WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?

This is 2010. Computers should be pretty easy to use by now. It shouldn't be a problem to install a game where I want it without having to jump through hoops.
but then it wouldn't be a blizzard custom installer

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