Overclocking MBP w/ 9600m GT in Windows 7

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I've been running SC II mainly in windows 7 for the performance benefits. Honestly, I never even thought to install in to OSX. Anyway, I've been tinkering with OCing the cpu and video card based on the information from the link below. Has anyone else tried this?

FWIW, I've tried a few of the settings mentioned and noticed some increase in FPS, but nothing has helped me run shaders on medium and stay above 30 fps. For the time being, I max everything else out and keep shaders on low. all @ 1920 x 1200 on a LED Cinema Display.

MY MBP: C2D 2.8ghz, 512mb 9600m gt, 8gb ram

Link: http://bit.ly/c8q51d
I have a 17" MBP 5,2 @ 2.93GHz, 4GB, 320GB 7200 rpm, 512MB 9600M GT... my base windows experience index bootcamping from 10.6.4 to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with latest nVidia drivers is 5.9.

I'll give it a shot...
I OC my Radeon 4850 a bit, and I have not seen any increase in performance on SC2. It works for crysis, and I can get an addition 6-7 FPS when OCed, but that is it. I do this on an iMac, so it can handle the heat. I do not know how safe it is on a MBP.

Like I said, OCing the graphics card did not get me any performance increases. Those are my experiences anyway. If you OC your MBP, you better have a decent cooling system of some kind.
same system 2.8 ghz 9600m gt, 4 gb ram.

The shaders do down the system performance by alot! Also if you have model gfx on max over time the frames begin to drop slowly. I am a little bummed out because my system meets the "recommended requirements" but can't even run the game on max settings. :(

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