Error: The file ... could not be written.

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I'm receiving varying file write errors while attempting to install SCII. I think I've tried all the obvious troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. This is on a late '09 Macbook Pro using the digital download option.

1. Re-downloaded the installation content several times.
2. Chosen different locations for installation
3. Verified Content
4. Used Disk Utility to verify the drive - no errors/problems
5. Ensured nothing else was running during installation, including time machine
6. Multiple system restarts

Here are two examples of the errors. There is no consistency to which file the error will occur on; it changes with each installation attempt and has occured anywhere between 5 and 60% complete.

The file "/Applications/StarCraft II/Campaigns/Liberty.SC2Campaign/base.SC2Assets : Assets/StoryModeSets/Terran/SM_ValerianObservatory/SM_ValerianObservatory_02.m3" could not be written. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQTarget::Write/SFileWriteFile)

The file "/Applications/StarCraft II/Campaigns/Liberty.SC2Campaign/base.SC2Assets : Assets/Textures/briefing_video_thorner01_00_low.ogv" could not be written. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQTarget::Write/SFileWriteFile)

Any ideas?
You are probably hitting your maximum file handler limit. check ulimit -n from the terminal.

I have these lines in /etc/launchd.conf (which you will have to create) :

limit maxproc 1024 2048
limit maxfiles 50000 100000

then reboot. that should set the global limits at the system level.
Thank you for the excellent suggestions. Unfortunately my drive isn't case sensitive so that solution does not apply, and creating a launchd.conf with the given parameters didn't solve the problem after a reboot - back to square one.

Any other ideas?
Is this being installed on your main user acct with admin privileges?


Make sure that the folders are both read and writable including items inside.


I'm starting to think I have a drive problem despite the fact that it comes up clean after a scan.

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