Whats with the wings on the lings?

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Not to be a science geek or anything, but wings on a creature wouldnt make it run faster. That only applies to aerodynamics (things that fly in the air without surface friction). Having wings on zerglings cannot possibly make their legs muscle stronger or move faster. A realistic aesthetic for speedlings would be like beefier legs or longer legs. Just my two cents.

True, but do beefier or longer legs look as cool as the wings?
How awesome would it be if zerglings could glide from higher ground to low ground?
they're not wings. they're spoilers.

if they go to fast and their hind legs loose traction, they'll slide and die off a cliff.

fast cars rely on the air pushing down on the back when they're going fast.

speedlings are no different.
My awesome old idea!!!!!!-

A long time ago when I first saw the wings, I was sure that it meant lings would be able to level hop like reapers. I was so excited and loved the idea of a flood of lings hopping up and over a wall. Sadly this was not the case.

I still suggest that lings gaining this ability (T3 upgrade similar to crackling upgrade) would be an awesome and terror-inducing addition to Zerg.

I don't know though. This one change might make Zerg OP. The upgrade would have to be a slow and expensive one.
Everyone who suggested that speedlings are faster with wings because they sort of flutter-hop along is exactly right. Next time you win a game, hang around and pump a little flock of speedlings and watch them run around the map. Zoom way in and follow them along. They definitely do leap along and flap their wings a little bit. It's not particularly obvious at normal zoom levels, but if you zoom way in you can see the wings in action.

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