Need help, critique me. [Replay included]

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Just wondering what more I could have done, I think I could of macroed better.

[Edit] Looks like if I had made Neural Parasite sooner I'd of been ok.
Well, first off you could have taken your natural expansion much sooner then you did. You had plenty of minerals to set up another expansion. You should hotkey / rally point your hatcheries so you can just hit the hot key number select all the larva from all hatcheries and produce. Your best counter to his army(zerglings / banelings)remained burrowed and only attacked in small groups. What you should have done was gather all your zerglings / banelings and surrounded the terran while he was moving around the map. You also should have produced much much more zerglings after seeing his army comp. You did good with the muta harass, his economy suffered and you killed off the med-vacs. Once you saw multiple thors you should have stopped producing mutas and produced zerglings. You lacked upgrades, you didn't spend your resources, and you had plenty of time to go hive tech to faceroll his army with ultra/ling.

Honestly you had enough units to kill off his attack if you used them right. If you unburrowed all your zerglings / banelings and attacked at once with mutas following you would have killed his push.

One zergling at each watchtower would have scouted out when he went for his push so you could have units in place to defend your expo. Another point to make is when he did push out with his forces you could have used mutas to harass his base dividing his attention.
Cool thx, true. Tier 3 would of been nice, and I didn't produce enough lings.

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