Scouting drone built into a Extractor?

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I was wondering why people do this. I have seen a few videos and live plays where the zerg player when sending a drone into a base to scout he builds a extractor in it.

Does he just do that because he becomes walled off so he forces his opponent to attack his extractor or does he do it to further his scout of the army?

Also, would sending in 2 drones into your opponent's base and building extractors be a good idea? You delay his gas by about a minute which will give you a gas/tech advantage early game although your minerals might be hurting.
it would be a good way to considerally slow tech but your just asking for you opponent to 2gate you. That's 150 minerals in the first minute, that's pretty huge.
What? That's only 75 minerals. 50 for the drone and 25 for the extractor.
Pretty sure my extractors only cost 20ish ;)
Might have to try that some time.

Had a ZvZ where the other Z did that.... didn't help him win but the rest of his game was even worse than mine, which is saying something.
It also can reset the health of your drone if its low on health. You can quickly grab the extractor and sit on it a bit to regain your health. Obviously this costs a little money (like 6 minerals or something).

In general stealing gas is mainly worth if they're going for a quick double gas build. Otherwise I don't see much point. Personally I would say sending two drones puts you too far behind economically to be worth it. 2gates and Rine/rushes would be imminent.
I personally do the extractor trick not to delay the enemy or annoy them. I do it for scouting.

When you scout an enemy base with a drone you will learn the basic things, how many barracks they might have, are they going for a quick gas, how fast are they getting a spawning pool, very basic information. Well chances are I'm not going to learn what build he is going unless I dance my drone around his base, but that means me not focusing on building my base. Instead I build an extractor and just before it finishes I cancel it and build again. This keeps my drone alive and once he starts to build an army to kill the extractor I cancel and then go for a final scout.

During the extractor build time I can focus on macroing my base and when he has enough forces I can cancel and get a nice scout to see what they are transitioning into. This lets me know if I can expect a push, what units I might need for a counter, or if they are going for a fast tech.
Really good scouting strategy. This is the part where I need to get better.
Take both of his gas.

Enjoy his 2gate.
If you're incredibly good at macro, and I've seen it done in a live stream, you can take both gas and continually cancel them and rebuild them right before they finish building. A couple Tier 1 units just can't bring the Extractors down. While you do lose a few minerals each time you cancel one, you are denying them tech, somewhat scouting them, and focusing their attention on killing your Extractors.

Like I said though, you need incredible macro to do that as well as build up in your own base to deny any rage-rushing.

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