How to properly handle 6 pool rush?

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I've managed to handle a few poorly thought out zergling rushes but I want to know what's the best way to handle em?

I usually go for the
9- overlord
13- pool
15- overlord
16- queen/zerglings
16- roaches nest

something like that and usually when i get a few roaches out zergling are not a big deal
but with 6 or 7 pool 6 zerglings will be in my base with my pool not being finished

is the best way to attack zerglings with my drones?
or do i keep building and hope i can get a few zerglings of mine out?
Kill zerglings with your drones. The best way to do it is to pick the drones, hit A, then left-click on the ground near the zerglings. Hopefully, you have some extra minerals so you can make some zerglings at the same time.

The trick to doing this is to get the drones back on minerals the moment the zerglings are dead.
i go
10- pool
10- overlord (while pool is being made)
12- Lings
12- Queen

then just go from there
BTW, the more confident you are in defending a zergling rush with workers, the later you can pool. I 14 pool and shut down most rushes.
You should always scout a zvz at around your 9-10th drone. As soon as you see the 6 pool drop your pool down asap. As soon as your pool is done build 2 spine crawlers pretty far away from each other at your mineral line. Don't be afraid to use drones against the first few lings. Your goal should be to get atleast one spine crawler up, a queen up and a few lings. After you defend the initial 6 pool you basically win
alright thx i'll try attacking then with drones next time
Once I even scout a quick pool (anything under 10) I immediatly put mine down and grab a spinecrawler/queen. Then I use my economy for super-happy-rolly-polly-baneling-explosion-time.
like lysenko said a very good buildorder to avoid 6 pull defeat is 14 hatch, 13 extractor. This is a very strong general build and drone count alone will fend off zerglings. Keep your drones by the minerals as if he kites you the entire time, it is possible hell catch up or exceed you economically
Making just one spine crawler will stop a 6 pool in its tracks

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