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I know there have been a lot of threads asking about video card settings and so forth but I need some help still. I have a:
Mac Pro 2 x 3.0 GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon
8GB of
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512mb

I have my resolution set to 1080 for my LG Flatron E2350V. At times I can run at Medium settings but I run into problems when there are a lot of units on the screen. When I play online I set everything to Low just in case and it's hit or miss. Sometimes I can play just fine and others its almost impossible. I was wondering if it is mostly due to my internet connection out here (cable) or the video card or both. If so would upgrading to the ATI Radeon HD 4870 work for me? Can I even do so? Or can I add another NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or two to the Mac Pro. To sum it up I just need to know what would be the best option and/or cheaper option to get this game running well on my computer. Its sad when my brothers iMac runs it better than my Mac Pro which i spend almost 3x more money on getting.
It's a problem caused by OSX 10.6.4 and Nvidia graphics cards, a lot of us are hitting it.

Here's my workarounds, they may or may not help, but I'm also on an 8800, and this has allowed me to play at max resolution and relatively high settings. Also check the stickies. If you can downgrade to 10.6.3 that's your best bet.
Besides that though, what would be a viable upgrade move?
I would say that we should expect a fix for the 8800 sooner than later, so save the money.

If you want to go with an upgrade, switching to the ATI should fix the problem, as that issue is specific to Nvidia drivers and OSX 10.6.4.

Got any details on those new cards Luci? I am intrigued....
Apple's nvidia drivers are always poor. This is in no way a fanboy statement, but the best option of gaming on the mac side is ATI. ATI writes their drivers for OSX, where as apple writes the Nvidia drivers for OSX. Drivers coming from the actual manufacturer would be understandably faster.

I suggest you get the Radeon 4870, or hold out until the 5870, mac edition comes out. Trust me, either one of these cards will get you better performance, especially compared to the 8800 GT.

You could also try starcraft on windows. The performance is much better. Your 8800 GT in windows will get you a mix of high/ultra settings, and you will still get in the neighborhood of 40-50 FPS on 1900x1200 resolution.
Having the same issues with my 08 Mac Pro with an 8800gt Nvidia card.

I believe the new cards that are being mention are the ones listed here.

I'm not sure if anything has been announced yet on which mac pro models will support these cards however.
I have the exact same Mac Pro set up as you. It seems to run decent. I play the campaign on High graphics, but lower it sometimes in multiplayer since I like bigger team games.

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