Dragging & dropping custom maps onto app

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I didn't realize before I bought this game that the map editor would require an internet connection in order to be useful. This horrible publishing system and a lack of a /Maps folder caught me off-guard, and it's a big deal because I don't always have internet access out here. The Editor's offline "Test Document" command is pretty terrible, since it doesn't give my maps any melee AI's when I test them. (is it too much to ask to have a useful & reliable feature from a 12 year old game?).

Anyway, so later on the Custom Maps Forum I heard that you can supposedly bypass the Publishing system by dragging and dropping a map on the application and it'll launch that map, no questions asked. Well, apparently this feature (if what I was told about even really exists) is purely a Windows-only thing. When Mac users drag maps onto the application launcher or the actual core executable, nothing launches. Can anybody confirm that this is a platform-specific feature?

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