can't download patch after installation

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Hey, my friend has a MBP running OSX 10.5, and has problems with the patcher.

She has already tried all the fixed in the stickied thread above, but none of them worked.

Basically, installation works fine, but after that, she will boot up the launcher, and the patcher just hangs at 0%. According to Little Snitch, the client is not even attempting a connection. both the safe mode and the disk util thing didn't help her.

Her laptop has a Core2Duo CPU and the nVidia 9400 and 9600 GPUs.

She can't post here because she can't create a character, so here I am lol.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance. :)

here's a screenie:
the patcher looks like it is not even attempting to initalize :(
i have the same specs but i have OSX 10.6.4.
ALso same exact screenshot but where it updating in mine it says finished but the percent is 0%. Please help.

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