The Curse of Tristram: Destruction's end

Map Showcase
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The alpha trailer is out!

Here is the official website:

made by Egod

you sir do the editor justice keep up the good work!
Holy hell.
That looks amazing.

Pleeeeease let me know if you need a tester, I would be glad to help in any way!
just curious, is 10mb gonna be enough?
Lovin' it, egod.
wow man, that is just amazing. i hope its not to big of a file to upload. i would love to play it when you are done.
Wow, that's sick. When more is done, will you be attempting to recreate Diablo 1, 2, or just making a Starcraft RPG like diablo?
Do want. Though the Thor kinda sticks out in a dungeon setting :p
wow that looks amazing cant wait to see it out there to play
I think I love you.

Like many of the other people here I would love to test this!

I've got a far more important question, did the editor refuse to let you publish because of the word "Diablo?"
looks amazing man, keep up the good work
This is great, please keep us updated on your progress!
This is relevant to my interests.

Lookin' good.
This is relevant to my interests.

Lookin' good.

yes yes it is

its maps like these that need to remove the map size limit.

edit: w00t first! now where is my cookie :P
Can't wait.
Looks interesting!

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