The Curse of Tristram: Destruction's end

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needs to be featured :P
Nooooo! I was looking forward to this map

Why is the trigger limit so low?

So much for being "the best blizz editor"

The amount of space they give us is huge, the trick is figuring out how to reuse certain sections.

Create your own action definitions. I bet you could eliminate thousands of lines of code.
So...what will you do to finish it?
Patch 1.2 is suppose to raise the limit, I think. Checking...
I really want to see this finished Blizzard please increase the trigger count.
08/05/2010 9:33 AMPosted by Bashiok
This is relevant to my interests.

Lookin' good.


Msg("blah blah") as opposed to TriggerDebugOutput(1, StringToText("asdfsdf"), true) is a huge savings over many, many calls.

Erm, no it isn't. It still calls the same function, except now each time you call it you have to run two functions instead of one. It takes longer, though the script is smaller.
Looks like you didn't make use of data for spells, doing this alone saves TREMENDOUS SPACE. In short, it is your fault the editor limited you. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if 40-60% of your triggers could be removed. Basically what I'm saying is: Everything can't be done with triggers anymore, nor should it have to be.

Look at the following solutions(ignore those you have already implemented):

Use a trigger library for generalized systems such as UI
Use data for all your spells
Use Mods for your units(Not related to triggers but saves space
Use SC2Layout files to change the way your UI works, rather than triggering it.

There are many more options, and they can help reduce trigger size.
I don't think he's alive.
I am sure that with such a large system of triggers there will be redundancies. I am certain you could find ways to more efficiently use the space provided.

That being said, I'm not saying they shouldn't increase the limit or anything.
This thread has a blue that was interested in this map, yet nothing has been done to change the fact work canot progress on this map, I am going to start a new thread rallying people to encourage Blizzard to increase the trigger count.
Q. (DarkRevenant) The entire map breaks and crashes in the middle of play when some internal memory limit is exceeded by the script. ... I ask for insight from Blizzard as to the nature of the scripting memory limit so that I might be able to make changes.

A. Changes in the next major patch should roughly double the amount of memory available to galaxy scripts. We've read a lot of the feedback and issues that map makers have run into and have more changes planned for the future.

Not sure if this applies to the entire script, or just allocated data and data from data tables, but this might let him continue.

(From the SC2 Editor answers sticky)

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