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Just picked up the game but I can't find a way to zoom out, is there anyway to do this? The viewable area seems way too close to the units and too small. thanks
You can use the wheel of your mouse to zoom out. Also the home, end , page up, page down keys are for zooming in and out. It's likely that you're just not used to the viewing area right now. When I first fired up the game I thought that it was kinda close too; but thats just how they designed it. Just incase; make sure the game is being displayed in your monitors native resolution.
Not true, I was playing fine then one day I logged in and can not zoom out at all. Nothing had changed with any setting I had for display or mouse. Still will not zoom out. Tried installing new drivers just to be sure, no luck, still will not zoom out correctly.
Drewbags, you might want to try deleting the Variables.txt file from this folder:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\StarCraft II
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Thanks for the feedback but deleting the the variables.txt file did not change it back. I can not even zoom out far enough to see my whole base. I may have to reinstall the game. That takes quite awhile so if you have any more suggestions they are appreciated.
If you haven't already, try running the Repair.

Also, would it be possible to post a screenshot of what you're seeing?
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
i think he is just not used to starcraft, the maximum zoom out level would not cover all of a large base.
Been playing for years. It always zoomed out farther before the other day. I will try repair, if that does not work I will reinstall. I will get screen shot too.
Tried getting a print screen it just comes out black, there is definitely a graphics issue on my system with this game. I will do more troubleshooting and let you know what I come up with.
ran repair tool, appears to have fixed it. Can only think that I installed Civilization 5 and this messed up the graphics.

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