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I have beaten approximately (not sure how to check) 5 Medium A.I opponents as Terran, but the Medium A.I. Terran AI Romp shows 0/10

My Match History says "No matches played yet.", even though "All Types" is selected.

When I click the "Go to Score Screen" after winning a match, it never shows me the score/graphs anymore, it goes right to the Default single player area.

It's as if my matches aren't being recorded as played in any way. Something wrong here? Has anyone else noticed this, or am I not looking in the right places?

Thank you VERY much for any help.
FYI, I'm always connected to the internet. If my router hiccups I generally do not notice it, and if it does it gets immediately back online
I just read that if you DC at ANY time, even if only for a moment, achievements will not be recorded. I also saw a few posts suggesting that the game does not warn you if this occurs.

Both of these things, if true, must be fixed. That's horrible. Send the data at the end, record it (or whatever). Having a random DC negate a motivating factor (achievements) in the game is ridiculous guys. There is absolutely no technical reason it should be this way. If it disconnects, how about trying to REconnect. Warn the player that if it doesn't reconnect you will lose achievements, etc... . But, losing everything without an ability to regain?

Damn... that's a technical F'UP IMO.
I've disconnected during matches and still got the achievements in single player. There is a warning when you disconnect and that you won't get the achievement but if it reconnects it also informs you that the achievement service is active again.
I am having the same issue, haven't had any disconnects either, just did the 7 medium AI FFA achievement, and it says I did not get the achievement, yet I get other achievements in the single player and challenge modes, I am going to try reinstalling, but right now, pretty sure trying for any achievement is a futile process.
I have played the first mission several times while connected to battlenet and none of the achivements are registering. I've read about this in several other post and have seen no response or solution.
Has anyone else figured this out?
This is a known issue that we are currently working on. It should be fixed in the next patch.

For now, the only workaround we have is to replay the last mission.
It isn't counting my Brutal difficulty victories and its not letting me have the achievement when I replay the mission.
For the vs AI ones, I found it worked when I selected multiplayer, create custom, then just added AI to the map.
This is for the single player campaign :\. Its listing my brutal victory too. And its on the one single map I hate the most! The rest were easy!

Edit: looking more into this, I went to the Completionist achievement tab where it lists what I did and didn't do. It highlights 17 missions but only counts 14 for the Wings of Liberty: Brutal.
i beat all 26 missions.. its still sayin i only completed 24. Ive done achievements for online, that havn't recorded either. Ive beatn the first level on hard 3 times now, tryin to kill every unit. (which iv done 3 times) and still dont have the achievement. . . so i give up. any idea on how long till the patch comes out thats supposed to fix this?
I found my problem, and it's just as bad as it being a bug...

If you play a custom AI game from single player, AI romps are not recorded. If I play in MULTIPLAYER, create a custom game via AI, then my romp achievements are recorded.

Why in the WORLD would this be?! I played several Single Player AI games for no achievement gain whatsoever. *sigh*

The "fix" is to play my SINGLE PLAYER game via the MULTIPLAYER tab.

Makes no sense at all. Sorry.
Exactly! Thank you for replying.

The fact that it works this way is just as troubling IMO. Makes no sense to only record SINGLE PLAYER achievements through the MULTIPLAYER tab.

Thanks again.

The workaround for single player AI Achievements to be recorded is to play single player games under MULTIPLAYER. All my my SINGLE PLAYER AI games do not get recorded. As several others have noted, this is the problem.

Why in the WORLD do SINGLE PLAYER games under the SINGLE PLAYER tab not get recorded in the AI Romp achievements, while the SINGLE PLAYER AI games under MULITPLAYER (what?!?!?!) DO get recorded?

Utterly confusing, totally wrong. None of my AI games under single player recorded for achievements. Just played the same exact single player AI game under MULTIPLAYER (again, what?!?! it's definitely SINGLE PLAYER game!!) and it records the win. *sigh*

Makes no sense at all.

Thank you.

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