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hey, I have this problem with my graphics card 8600GT. The cooling fan on it is only running at 30% at all times, causing my graphics card to overheat to up to 100C temperatures. I downloaded RivaTuner and tried setting the fan to 80%, and set that profile to start with windows. but the problem is, after a few minutes the fan automatically slows back down to 30% fan speed... and it keeps doing that no matter how many times I re-apply the 80% setting. can anybody help me? is there anything else I can try to set my gpu fan speed to 80% permanently? please be detailed if you know how to do this, thank you!!
download Fan Control

I have it and when playing it keeps the fan working at all time
Ok go download SMC fan control make a custom setting for 6000RPM. Boot into OS X set fans speed to the custom setting(6000RPM) now restart and boot into windows and the fan speed will still be at 6000RPM.

If u shutdown u will need to go into OS X and do it over again

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