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In Starcraft Broodwar, Bunker Wars: Choices dominated the scene of mass games (you can even still play it if you go online, ha). I am bringing a new type of mass game to the scene. This game improves on everything ever put into a mass game. There are heroes. There are upgrades. There are pretty pictures. There are events within the game. There are no gimmicks. Even your little sister wants to play this. (She doesn't? Well she obviously hasn't seen this yet.)

This game has some things in common with other "mass" games. At the beginning you pick a unit from the 16 (sixteen) choices to start, each choice has a unique spawn rate attached to it. You can use your minerals to do many things such as upgrade your units or increase the speed at which they spawn. You can even gamble (we will talk about this later).

Anyone interested in the details concerning certain aspects of the game may feel free to discuss it here after having played a few rounds of Bunker Wars: Choices.

    28 Choices Currently

All units currently have melee statistics with one exception. Melee units have been given 60% more life to compensate for this game being a "mass" game. Units that out range bunkers (Siege Tanks) have their respective spawn rates doubled to compensate for sieging of a bunker.

The gamble contract currently posits the death rate of 15% (this may change at any given notice without warning).

This map deserves another look if you aren't already playing it with friends.

Vanished (131)
    id be willing to test maps later on today maybe add me
    Continued work on this. Check it out!
    I think we are on patch 33 or such.
    Ill help test it :P I used to work on maps and I still test maps ^.^ cause its fun :D.
    Cool stuff. I'll be on later.
    This sounds really similar to a "Castle Wars" map I was going to build from the ground up worst case scenario where you start with a base unit (squire) and upgrade to spawn a second tier of units once certain conditions have been met, e.g. moving from Squire to Knight and then spawning Bow (Ghost), Sword (Templar), etc.

    I'd definitely be willing to help test this map.
    Thanks guys, I appreciate the interest. :D
    0.37 is now up! Added many new gambles, many that the world has never seen before! Enjoy.
    Added some terrain, so it's not a blank map anymore.
    hey i would like to play a couple games so when are you on?
    Sounds good. I'll add you.
    I'd like to announce a large renovation to this game. Please refer to the orignal post on the first page.
    Multiple updates. 0.51 up. See original post.
    There will be arranged games this evening. Anyone interested may join.
    More arranged games tomorrow night.
    1.10 is now available. There are 21 choices from the start now!
    Anyone interested in joining the games tonight, feel free to add or message me.

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