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old bunker wars was way better with orbs
10/01/2012 12:16 PMPosted by rylde
old bunker wars was way better with orbs

new bunker wars = old bunker wars with more strategy and less lag mixed in. Its a crying shame people stopped playing bunker wars, basically JUST because the UI changed.

Bunker wars got epic, what's wrong with some people? Can't be without their pretty colors or something? srsly?????? its not that much worse in the case of what was lost, if anything...

side note: imo, marine arena is, has been, and likely will always be worse than bunker wars.
I never really had a chance to play this map as much as I would like. Still one of my favorites and I really want to play. Stupid ui... How is the popularity of a map determined when it gets buried 20 pages down and nobody can find it any more. I wonder what else got buried that I didn't even get try....and now cannot try because of empty lobbies. If blizzard wants to improve the arcade ui they need a full screen of thumbnails. Like 50 maps per Page would be nice. Or fans could have a bunker wars day like Saturday or sunday night. I need a fix and I'm sick of getting owned by scourge in NWs... Although a bane bust from a sneaky nieghbor will surely get me cursing as well :)
I was playing last night, BWC is still awesome when you can get a game going.
Vanished you need to set up some tournaments and post the dates on here so we can gather and actually play again
Ty for reversion to previous form.
Okay, something just happened to this map. I wouldn't say it was "bad," per say, but it seems pretty pathetic to me.

Here's how I view how BWC went:

Back when this first got popular:
The people: "This game roxorz!"

Me: "This is def better than Marine arena. To bad this is page 3..."

After many changes:
The people: "WHAT THE [you can guess which word]!?!?!?!?!? WHERE'S MY BUNKER WARS!?!? THAT ONE ISN'T THIS CRAPPY!!!!!! VANISHED, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?!?"

Me, when I first saw the change: "Woah, I hope this isn't permanent."

Vanished: "Uh, ya, it is the same game. If you don't think this is an upgrade, tough, because I gave you guys the ability to switch around what units you spawn mid-game, reduced lag, threw in things you can destroy at will to add a twist to the battle, and then some."


Me, after realizing how the changes DID improve the game: "Wow, this really is an upgrade. Guys, forget the pictures and all that useless crap, we can do more stuff with this."


Me: "Wow, just wow... Vanished, I sympathize."

A few months later:

(most of) The people: "Well, looks like the game died. :( Let's go play Marine Arena or Squadron."

Me: "Hey, where are you people going...? srsly? agh, now I'm stuck with crappy stuff wrongly stuck on front page because of the popularity system... Hopefully, another good one comes up, but good bye Bunker Wars, its been fun."

Today (12/10/2012):

Me: (Logs into SC2 and goes to the arcade). "What the? Bunker is on up and coming?" (looks at reviews)

People's recent reviews: "YAY, IT BACK, YAAAAAAAAAAAY :D"

Me: "What the? How far back did it go?" (plays a game (was second last to die. I used spectres and nukes (forgot to also pick tanks))) "oh THAT far back? I feel like an old friend has been mutilated. :( I hope this doesn't become popular again, because it really was better when I last played it... These people should be ashamed for being so attached to something that had room for improvement."


The game didn't get worse when it changed from classic to new, people just cried harder for the old stuff to get even older, and perhaps even crappier and more boring due to age never meaning quality, and always meaning that it was ultimately doomed to be completely abandoned one day, even if that day is well after the original fans all die or something.

I CAN accept that Bunker Wars: Choices is "back (as if it ever left...)," but it just doesn't feel like Bunker Wars for going back...

btw, Prototype TD is almost on the same boat as this game, since both are better than front page games, and don't get played as much, but the lack of a feeling of new in Bunker Wars as it is now will probably finish it off imo...

In conclusion, I basically think social pressure crapped things up once again...

PS: I read a thread about what a player loved about Bunker Wars. What was he saying? That none of the things he mentioned were present anymore? All of those things have NEVER left the game! How the hell did it feel otherwise for so many people?

PSS: I have no idea what Vanished is doing atm.
Bunker wars suffers from many things, mainly a crappy lazy terrain.
12/10/2012 12:18 AMPosted by IShadowWolf
Bunker wars suffers from many things, mainly a crappy lazy terrain.

Bunker Wars has the least lazy terrain out of all the maps that exist. If your idea of lazy includes procedural generation of something that normally is placed on the map to be the same every time, I would consider you very interesting or maybe mentally challenged.

Also, Setho, what I am probably going to do is give the newest version (the one people didn't like) a choice menu with pictures and add all the old perks to it. (People like pretty pictures.)
I'm just glad people are playing it again, and lol at the lazy terrain.
I'm not saying I dont enjoy the map, I am just saying the terrain could be better :P, While I understand you use randomly generated Deformers to put... ehhhh, spike? in places.. i guess, that add little to gameplay, and usually unbalance the map. :P.

I am just saying, there is much more that could be done with the Base terrain :P. if you are ever interested in Revamping your basic terrain, I am Taintedwisp at Sc2Mapster.com and Ill gladly help out a map i like.

Of course I think every map on the first 2 pages at least, have horrid terrain. :P

If I thought a 12 year old could help me, I would go hand out flyers at Chuck E. Cheese.
Now that I think about it, the newer bunker wars didn't feel like it had lazy terrain with all the trees and rocks (although, a few dozen trees you couldn't hit might have been neat).
Kerrigan has become ridiculous with the level up perk. I just played two games against this one guy who saved up to buy a kerrigan, then proceeded to destroy every single base all the while surviving 2 psionic waves. Please fix this.
This is more of a request and i am pretty sure that Vanished will likely turn me down/ignore me/criticize me for it but i am just putting it out there. I liked the afterlife feature back in the old bunker wars. It gave us something to do after we died other than just merely spectate. So i was wondering if you, Vanished, could put it back in? I am sure that me and a LOT of your players will appreciate it.

P.S. Vanished, THANK YOU FOR NERFING LEVEL UP! I was sick and tired of being repeatedly killed by op karasses that got to max level with 1 storm. Although i did abuse that XD.
My stats keep reseting, but not all the way, usually back to like one or two games, and some games I do not earn any karma even though I kill 3 people and then win. I had almost every perk and ever 3rd game it resets and i have to try to buy them again.... yuor bank files are jacked up.

Poptarts Taste Like...
I would like to know how to an income of 87. This player had 26 9 upg 10 minutes into the game. Any help?
Site no longer appears to be working? Anyone else getting this issue? I keep ending up on what appears to be a search engine for everything involving the word "Alliance" when I follow the link. I have the site bookmarked as well ad it still goes to the same page.
I've seen Bunker Wars for the first time in a long time, and I have seen LOADS of differences.

Since I've been gone for months, I'm a Bunker Wars noob all over again, so if anyone has pro-tips to share (other than play more/l2p), then I'll be all ears.

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