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Yet another update. Really nice things added. Like flowers and the smell of new sneakers!
More pretty flowers.
Moar flowers ploz
Minor updates.
More minor updates. I plan to minor update this until perfection.
Bunker Wars!
Bumpage powers activate!

PS: wheres my damn merc gamble X.x
Merc gamble is on the checklist. Relax.
Updated, it's looking really nice now.
You really should bump more :)
ill try it out when i can
Okay girls, thanks!
Vanished, can you put back democracy?
I hate the host choosing.
Why no revive after timer?
Mode for that?
I'd have to agree with putting back a democracy voting system. Since we individually cannot host and everyone always doesn't agree on teams/ffa/this/that.

- IMO units like infested marines/lurkers/queens should not be on the "random list" in non team games. Since these units have a very small list of what they can and can not counter. Or give them a lil boost of "something" to keep them on an even playing field.

- Limit the number of pennylings? Maxing the map cause somebody isn't pleased with them dying early is no fun way to start the game off. - Yes...I know it can be used to activate the lava in the middle or finishing somebody off, but it is hardly used for that.

- Eight Nuke I believe it is called should not be allowed to damage buildings either at all or after sudden death occurs. Or have it do reduced damage to buildings maybe?

- Does camping the middle area actually do anything? I've heard it does and it doesn't. If not then make it do something. Increased spawn, support auras, ect.

- Also please make a limit on how many supply depots you can create or their build speed. It's great to be able to strategically place buildings like that but some people just abuse the hell out of it and try to clutter the entire map.

- Make gambling a little more interesting. Perhaps make conditions on what the player must do in order to earn X, or even a mass unit/team swap or it can activate an event. (Such as the lava pulling everyone to the middle when the map maxes)

Lastly I believe marines need to have something slightly fixed about them. Perhaps changing their spawn time slightly to 1.50 or even 2 seconds per marine?

Who knows, just throwing out some idears!


I disagree with the infested terran speed because although they dont have stimm they do have burrow which if used correctly definately makes up for no stimm
01/21/2011 10:15 AMPosted by Keptea
I disagree with the infested terran speed because although they dont have stimm they do have burrow which if used correctly definately makes up for no stimm

Burrow is useless in this game. Unless your opponent does something stupid they'll just get a couple of free kills. I agree that infested Terrans are just too slow atm.

Also, anyone else <3 sentries? Force field has been awesome except for that one time I got stuck between colossi/ultralisk and Marine/Ghost "EMP".
A couple of suggestions for vanished.
-upgrades are fun they add a real fun feature to the game of starcraft. However in the regular game they limit the upgrades to a maximum of 3. I would strongly suggest trying this one out. When a marine has 20/20 they suddenly ruin the balance of the game and don't just turn into an advantage, they turn unstoppable.
- Heroes are simply annoying and don't really add a fun feature in the game. I'm not speaking of the heroes in the bunkers as they are essiantial to the game to survive. When you have five novas attacking from the left, and 50 dark templar attacking your army when your away from the bunker and have one measley observer it gets kinda pointless to play.
- fog of war, suprises are all the rage these days.
- more line of sight on the observer or a purchase option on more observers.
- make multiple games for the different options such as "bunker wars dual" or bunker wars single" or "teams". Or just change it to a vote i guess.

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