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I agree with the NewGuy about Bunker Heroes. They SUCK. I hate getting attacked by 5 Novas, and being forced to deal with them. Remove their armor and make them like they originally were!
ya, i gotta agree with Newguy on the observers. its impossible when u have 2 dark temps and ghosts on the map.
and i think rines are fine, u just have to make sure they dont get too many kills. the problem for me is getting min FROM rines, like from killing them. i get like nothing.
and btw, i hate how u skinned the banes...lol
I do respect how much time you put into the game vanished. Thank you. Having said that a couple more suggestions.
-air units, why not?
- Medics should probably be a unit option instead of a hero or tactical unit
- Instead of a creep tumor, make the queen a purchase option instead of a main unit seeing as there usless anyways.
[quote="19151566784"-air units, why not?
Because then you might as well just get rid of the ground units that can only hit ground. Zerglings, Zealots, hellion, diamondback, seige tank, and dark templar all come to mind.
MARINES are way too boss now, especially with the new thing where u spawn units when u get kills.
this is my favourite map, been playing it ever since i got SC2
01/24/2011 11:12 AMPosted by MistryWho
MARINES are way too boss now, especially with the new thing where u spawn units when u get kills.
this is my favourite map, been playing it ever since i got SC2

^ Yeah I just finished playing a match (my second game so far), and I went marines, and I had hellions and banelings on either side of me. . . They werent so boss.. . Even zealots seemed to own my rines, probably cuz of the 60% health increase for melee? Also, I couldn't really kite em cuz my computer lags when I play this map loll 0_o
What is the general consensus regarding Collosi? I like them if there are lots of players... people tend to ignore me until it's too late. O.o But they are extremely difficult to use. Too difficult, perhaps?
Latest update broke alot. Spawn rate is no longer displayed, but is instead within a drop down menu that I don't like keeping open all the time. Also, opening and closing it multiple times results in massive lag. The lag doesn't dissipate till the game is over.
Kinda sad that after page after page of bumps the creator no longer shows up.
Most of the messages I recieve are via email or in game chat. I have been actively reading these comments for months; I have just not replied because I have yet to see anything interesting or well thought-out.

your map is broken. it keeps crashing, and, if it somehow doesnt crash, all bunkers are invulnerable, fog of war is auto-on, and sudden death happens immediately. it says

Please wait while chooses options.

It keeps saying that no one has killed 52 bunkers so it picks a random player.

It's one of my favorite maps and now it's unplayable. I don't want it to go to the bottom, cmon Vanished, help us out here!
If you could supply some screenshots, that would be very helpful. Test the game as of now.

The game won't disappear by the way, people will always play it.
I'd like to say that the new hero healing system is kinda... bad.

Before, heros were useless, but I've had a kerrigan defeat two dozen immortals, each with 20 attack upgrades. (which means they hit for 60 each against non-armored) It's even worse on units like the Odin. If you could, it'd be great to see some kind of reduction in the hero healing mechanic.
My favorite part about heroes: Gambling, getting the 666 mineral reward, then spending your final 30 seconds wiping out everyone with Odins. Classic.
Can we please get rid of the numerous INSTANT death methods in this game? I have played 3 games just today and every time I was insta-gibbed by plutonium or something else WHEN I WAS WINNING. I am only a poor gold player who doesnt have the skills to micro my colossi and keep close watch on my base at all times.

Also heros are rather silly and unneeded as stated by several other players before me.
Insta-death SUCKS. Especially when you have Collosi. Plutonium is worth the cost, IMO, but death for gambling before the 20-minute mark? And even after that I tend to die anyway. The bunker heroes are far too OP. And Sudden Death just plain sucks.
Can't a hard food limit be instituted so that your units just stop spawning once you reach like 100 food? Or reduce the number of players by 25% or even a half because late game the lag is too much to handle for most people and personally I would rather have a good 6 person FFA or a 3v3 over the bullcrap that happens now. Heck when I host the game I ALWAYS try to start the game with only half people.
How do I control the starting minerals if I am the server host? Please help! :D
Vanished: Little off topic, but I can't find it via google and SC2 chat channels aren't working either.

Wondering how to set the settings in the map when being host.

With Mass Marine Arena, the options come up to me, but in BunkerWars, they do not.

I feel like I"m missing something simple, but just can't get it.

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