How do I get to silver league from bronze?

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I am in bronze league, I want to know how I level up? I went to the help menu in the game and it just sent me to this website..

So I am asking, how!?

:) Thanks in advanced, sorry for noob question.
Win your matches.
yes and how do I find out what the requirement is for the next level? How many wins do I need etc?...
Until you do it, you're always going to be one more match away.
Win your matches.

Its not just wins you have to play better than your opponents and win games against silver league players, when you start to lose the system will decide its found a good place to stick you and put you there. Atleast thats the general consensus on how it works.
You need to get to a point where you have around a 50% win percentage against silver level players. You'll know this by checking your opponent's profile after games. After a seemingly random amount of time you will be promoted, normally after losing a game.
i thin kthis is how it works. you win games, and you go farther up in the league. when you get to the top, you go up a league. i dont know if it takes into consideration your winloss ratio, just the wins. at least thats how i think it is
Every so often the system reevaluates your division placement (a certain number of points may forced it i'm not sure.) So yeah win games and you'll move up. You can sorta track your progress as you go by checking the leagues of your opponents after each match.
LA has barely no platinum/diamond, so basicly Gold is pretty high.
So if I get all the way up to rank 1 in silver will anything after that put me in the bottom of gold?
I'm not sure how it works... I was Top 30 Silver and I beat a Gold player and was put into Top 10 Gold immediately. I even played a Platinum player when I was in Silver one time. I actually won somehow.
@therealbrave, I play and beat platinum players ~50% of the time, still not even gold for me :(. I just log on, cement my #1 silver 100 points and log off. Boring

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