Zerg needs to be able to veto more than 3maps

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Any map where the Natural expansion is more than 2 creep tumor distance from the main it is a map that is not good for Zerg. Or even maps where a High ground is behind our natural's mineral line. Zerg has a lack of AA in the early game. So a Proxy void ray on Desert Oasis is unstoppable unless we somehow scouted it through a stalker killing my overlord scout or a Zealot blocking my zerglings at his front. My queen takes an hour to walk back to my main and by then my main's queen died and the void ray runs to get its shields back. The same problem exists on a map where a reaper jumps up and down a mineral line at our Natural Expansion. If I send lings there they all die. If I send Roaches He'll be able to shoot me from the high ground and I wont hit him without an overlord being there in time. If I put my spawning pool too close to a cliff he gets a free kill on it on kulas ravine. The Protoss and the Terran do not need to fast expand as much as a Zerg player does so having all these maps with easy to harass expansions is inbalanced. And half the maps if we put static defense at our Natural they can run right by it and into our mains (IE. Desert Oasis). Some maps they can just go in the back door so I need an overlord posted there at all times then I need to somehow stop him from destroying it (Blistering Sands). Other maps the Natural is not even worth taking because the rush distance is so small they can rush zealots to my main before I can even get my natural with any drones so I have to either cancel it and fall behind or struggle insanely to fend it off with weak lings. The only maps I feel like I have a decent chance of having a good game are Scrap Station, Metalopolis, and Lost Temple. These maps are made with great balance.
there's maps that favor zerg too. so it works both ways I guess?
I bet if you thought hard enough, you could come up with effective counters to said harass you get on each map.

I bet the pros figure it out.

Just evolve more man. Watch more replays where you get stomped, and see what you could have done better.

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