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Are you able to customize what you research/build in SC2, kind of like Age of Empires games?
(make own building trees)
Sort of. In Single Player, you gain Protoss and Zerg Research points. You have to choose between 2 things to reseach (for example, combined Tech Lab/Reactor or Instant Drop Pods from the Barracks). There are 5 choices each, so a "pick 10 out of 20" thing. Also you can buy upgrades (2 per unit) in the Armory. You can buy them all if you have the cash but since they don't work retroactively (you can't play old missions with the new upgrade), that also is sort of a choice.
Yeah, I guess I can't really compare the two games seeing is they are not the same. Just thought that maybe it would be more similar to the Age games.
It would be cool to have what you see in single player in multi, i like to upgrade over time like that. Just wish it was like that in multi player.

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