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Okay so i recently went to play a 2vs2 co-op, get in game and the other guy leaves. So now I have control of his forces and mine. I say screw it I'm gonna continue. Well my base(terrans, my actual base) gets killed but I save my command center and park it in the protoss base(guy who left). i then get more protoss units and win the game, it says Dkar has won the round(the guy who left) however I got an achievement for winning three co op games. my question is. did he still get stuff me winning in his name? and what is with people leaving at the start. I've had 5 matches like that out of 7 I've played. and some are vs players and some are vs AI
he wont as in order to get achievements your need:

1) to be online (try a single player match for an achievement and disconnect the internet you wont get it.

2) be in the game when the achievement happens (im not 100% sure on this one but if its like WOW that you have to be in a instance to get achievement credit this would make sense as the game will only check the players in the game at the time the achievements prereqs are meet).

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