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im only trying to say that using how much money each race won in 3 beta tournaments is a completely invalid way to comment on racial balance.

What Aurum is trying to say is, that zerg are viable. Because they are. They're not weak, and they don't need improvements to be competitive.
I agree zerg are viable at competitive levels of play but that data does not prove this point, terran are also competitive but they won zero money in those 3 tournaments. I'm simply pointing out that Aurum's means of proving his point do not work and that extrapolating the data to represent all levels of play also does not work.
Zerg is viable at competitive levels because zerg is the SIMPLEST race. (don't confuse "simple" with "easy") EXPO and OUT PRODUCE your enemy, coupled with strategic placement/attacks/scouting/dropping

I think Artosis had an article about this during the beta.

Aparently, even though the Zerg has less units to chose from while actually building up a game, so to speak, it’s not an easy task playing it properly.
The Zerg domination on the Asian server, according to Artosis, can be explained by the fact that the Zerg players managed to adapt to what they have and while the Protoss and Terran players still experiment and test their options unit wise, the Zerg players already know what needs to be done to maximize the chances of winning.
Zerg who post on these forums would lose just as much if they switched their race as they do now.

Incorrect. After losing a bunch to terran turtles, I switched to play my first game as protoss. Not since before the beta have I played protoss, but figured I'd give it a shot since Zerg is, (regardless of what Master Aurum says, a little imbalanced.

Played against a diamond league zerg, my first time as protoss, and stomped him with the usual stalker and sentry spam. But, I guess since I switched, according to Aurum's flawless logic and impenetrable sarcastic wit, I should lose as protoss because I'm losing more as Zerg vs terran.

Regardless of what people who fancy zerg say, (or self proclaimed masters of the race), or terrans wanting to keep their edge forever, Zerg do have some unfortunate weaknesses that are tragically easy to exploit for seasoned players. Since the leagues are so messed up right now, I think there's many players that don't deserve to be diamond that are, giving the impression that "Terrans are easy LOL learn to play!"

I've rolled my fair share of terrans. But when you come across a good terran, you'll realize Zerg's deficiencies.
Very accurate and good post. <3 Sheth and good to hear that he shares the common opinions about balance at present. Maybe post this in the main multiplayer forums alongside the IdrA and Tester thread.

3 largest prize pool tournaments so far:
HDH invitational
Day9's KOTB
Kaspersky Cup

HDH invitational: White-Ra wins $2000, IdrA wins $1000
KOTB: IdrA wins $2000, tester wins $1000
Kaspersky Cup: Sen wins $1750, TLO wins $875

So that's $3000 for protoss, $4750 for zerg.
Hmm... Well it looks like real players can make it work. You can't attack-move into a protoss/terran army and win? IMBALANCE!!!

That's all well and nice but most of the first week tournaments were mostly terrans in the semis and finals. The IEM qualifier played on Sunday had 3 Ts and 1 toss rounding out the final 4 with a TvP final that resulted in Silver beating Huk. I believe idra was the only zerg in the final 8 but I could be wrong about that.
you think 1 queen should beat one void?????

Queen = 150 minerals

Voidray= 250 minerals 150 gas

that would make total sense if they were equal power....

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