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In a few games I've played lately, i've had success starving out the other two players, especially in twilight fortress in 2s. However, starving on that map still allows them their natural expansions and a brutally fortified single ramp and I've had to end up fighting fully ugpraded void rays by the end of the game.

The protoss i fought were very good with their micro, did a great job moving their injured rays back out onto high ground or off the platform range and simply were all over the place in terms of harassing me and my partner's base while my hydras had a tough time getting to them as they moved around.

Thankfully they didnt find my one extra high yield expansion so I started pumping out corruptors and a few mutalisks, but they were only 1/1 upgraded by the time the void rays rolled in and got steam rolled, it was about 16 VRs vs. 16 corruptors 6 mutas and 6 bcs 6 vikings. I probably should have made sure to have my hydras with me but i screwed up and chased down his void rays off the platform with our air.

Any advice as to what the best optimal solution to fully upgraded void rays would be, given the fact that the player would be great at outmaneuvering ground units off platforms and the like?
Mass corrupters, then have a few lure back the VRs to your main army of corruptors, and use zerg slime on the VRs to weaken them further.

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