How to use the Infestors?

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Hi to everyone,

Well i use sometimes a Hidras Build, goes well but some people always tell me i should use at least 4 infestors, can you teach me how i must use them and how many do i need?

My favorite technique is to move in and take out their detectors, then move fully charged burrowed infestors (8 or 10) in and send out as many infested terrans as possible in the middle-back of the base. Do this by using the hotkeys and a fast mouse so you don't clump them all together or go too slow. You can probably take out not only the command/nexus/hatchery, but their gatherers as well. That is if they don't go straight for the infestors.
8 infested terran from a burrowed infestor is so op, but thats why I love them.

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