Colossi and Void Rays?

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Hello to all you!

I got wiped by this guy with a ton of colossus and void rays. I couldn't get anything to take those out? What could I use to counter that?
Corrupters mutas and hydras.

Use corrupters and mutas to focus down the colossi and the hydras to focus down the void rays.
corruptors are the perfect counter to collossi, and mutas en masse are the perfect counter to VR's.
2 queens are also good against VR's, especially if you use transfuse
Pretty sure mass corruptors would have won.
actually use mass corrupters for 2 reasons

1) corruption will cause those colossis to take 20% more damage (which makes a huge difference)
2) the colossi can be attacked by anti air units since it's so tall.

Take down the rays since they are the immediate threat, then fiinish the colossi
if you have greater spire move to the edge of his base and make broodlords, then it's GG.
I'll try corrupters see how it works out with hydra back up thanx!
It all depends on what point in the game you're at.

Early game hydralisks are good vs void rays but if it's late game he'll fly in, snipe some stuff, and then leave. Your hydra's will be too slow to deal with this. You need to add infestors into the mix to FG the void rays so they can't escape, or go mutalisks so you can chase them down.

Hydra's also get !@##d by collossus. This means that any mass hydra to counter large numbers of void rays is going to fail hard.

Collossus without ground support are vulnerable to zerglings. I think I'd go zerglying hydra. Send zerglings out in waves to assault collosus, when the zerglings engage you can send in hydras behind them. When the void rays attack your bases, use hydras to chase them off. Use infestors to pin them so you can get some extra kills in when he tries to run them away.

Drop waves of zerglings into his mineral lines to keep pressure on him and wipe out his probes. His void rays will be too slow to protect him and attack you simultaneously.
If it's colossi and Void Rays then just go straight Mutalisks. Also, get your Mutalisks to focus down on the Void Rays FIRST and then attack the Colossi. It will be np to kill the Colossi after you can't be attacked back. Corrupters are good vs. Colossi and OK vs. Void Rays, but if your opponent transitions into any kind of ground army and you can't get to Brood Lords you will be SOL with corrupters.

Hope that helps. =)
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Sounds like a scouting problem to me... if he was able to surprise you with a ton of colossi, then you arent playing properly. send in an overlord to scout his base. if you see colossi, think about corruptors or muta or hitting before he gets a large number. if you see VR, get more queens or hydras

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