Funny strategy of the day: extractor scouting

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OK so you can see some of my other posts and look at some of my other funny random and noobie early game strategies, from barrack rushing to photon cannon rushing to zerglings, all are random enough to just might work.

In todays topic we are going to discuss extractor scouting!!! works great when paired with a zergling rush, but can work if you have other plans.
Spawn, make 2-3 drones, then immediatly send one into the enemies' base, run right at his gas and turn the drone into an extractor. He will do one of 2 things: completely spaz out and send all his units to attack you (taking forever to destroy because it is now a building, not a unit) setting him back way more than the 75 minerals it cost you, or 2 absolutely nothing as he flips you the bird through the computer screen, giving you a free view of what he's doing until he builds something to destroy you.

Coupled with a zergling rush that can arrive less than two minutes later on an already confused player can be devastating. Also on a 2v2 you can get both his gases, which really confuses him. This works best when you shout "Your gas is mine you plum smuggling BASTARD!"

And that is all. Dont say this only works on noobs b/c we already know that :)
I don't think this is a funny strategy at all. It's a very easy and worthwhile strategy. Not to mention efficient.
Even better strategy is to keep build/canceling the extractor

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