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My ZvZ game is struggling to say the least at the moment. It seems like everyone I play (including my friends who also play zerg) always go 2 base, ling - banling into mutalisks. I always know when the spire goes up because I'm really good at scouting, and I can easily made a hydra den even if I don't find the spire till its half way done. The only problem is hydras make my army slow and mutas let him pick off drones, overloads or watchtower lings. I cant defend multiple bases with the super slow hydra and i cant attack because lings easily surround them because of the drastic speed difference. Is there anything I can do? Is an early victory the only solution? My lings, infestors and ultralists build can't do anything against 20 mutas. Thanks and sorry for the wall of txt.

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