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Im having alot of trouble vs. terran at the moment. What i believe to be happening is that the terran players techs to, and then spam builds marauders. and i dont have the proper tech to counter (banelings get kited) them before they have a decent lil squad to take me out. Any tips/hints?

Or point me into the direction where this might already have been discussed.
Every zerg player is having trouble with Terran at the moment. I only have a few basic tips to help you beat the worst of them.

1: At the start of the game, put your first and second overlord hovering over the side of your opponents base (out of sight range) and sacrifice-scout with them whenever you feel like your opponent will be changing gears.

2: Infestors and Banelings are rarely-used units that are quite good against the popular M3 Ball (that's Marines, Marauders, Medivacs), so splash them into your ground force for mid-game.

3: Always fight the Terran on open ground. You will never get a large ground force through the tiny choke that the Terran will no doubt be defending.

4: Nydus worms will be a waste of resources if you try to use them when your opponent is on the defensive. You can bait his army with a hatchery near high-yield minerals and sneak the nydus in while he's destroying it.

5: Late game, you absolutely MUST go air. Spend every gas you have on mutalisks, corruptors and brood lords and every extra mineral on cracklings. This, as far as I've seen, is the only comp that can even scratch the high-tier terran mecha war machine.
If you can scout them and you are sure they're going for mass marauders I start with building 2 or 3 spine crawlers around my minerals, then tech up to hydralisks and the poor little marauder army (That has NO AA) gets slaughtered. Once that's done they will ofcourse move over to try and pump out marines/vikings so hit their mineral lines to cripple their income

At this point it's time to really start putting the Zerg style into play...we are a REACTIVE race so keep scouting, adjust to what they're doing, counter him to hell and back.

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