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What changes/additions would you like to see to the Zerg race in Heart of the Swarm?

It was fun to imagine upgrades to the Zerg that would fill in for some of their current weaknesses. Here's mine:


  • Bring Lurkers back from SC1: A burrowed bug that does ranged splash damage to ground units.

  • Morph from Roaches after a Lair is up, and perhaps after an upgrade at the Roach Warren.

  • Add a special upgrade at Roach Warren to allow Lurkers to see units outside of line of sight, like the Terran Sensor tower, but less range. Only works when Lurker is burrowed and only works to see ground units (Lurkers feel ground vibrations).
  • Why: To help Zerg with defending Terran Bioball and Mech pushes.


  • Bring back Scourge from SC1. A kamikaze flying unit that blows up for damage on air units only.

  • Morphs from Larvae after Lair (and Spire?).

  • Why: to help Zerg with early air harassment (Void Rays, Banshees, dropships).


  • Zergling Air Jump - T3 upgrade at the Spawning Pool that allows zerglings to traverse cliffs like Reapers. Requires Hive. Why: To make Zerglings useful against late-game turtles.

  • Hydralisk Speed Upgrade - T2 upgrade that increases speed of Hydras. Requires Lair. Why: To make Hydras more useful off the creep.

  • Infestor Neural Parasite Upgrade - T3 Upgrade that allows Infestors to cast NP while burrowed, and gives infinite duration to the spell. Requires Hive. Why: To make Infestors more dangerous late-game vs the more powerful units (BCs, Carriers, Thors, Ultras).

Have you ever tried burrowed banlings and just wait for those MMM balls to march into death valley? They turn green and go SSSSHSHHHHH and evaporate in seconds.

I'm all for scourges

We don't need flying zerglings before it starts looking like grasshoppers
Just utilize burrow upgrades like how sc2 changed it to able to move while burrowed

Hydra is fine on creep
That is the whole point of creep tumoring and overlords

Borrowed NP is just cheap as hell and terran will whine like crazy
we don't make them cry, now do we? before blizz give terran "killing all burrowed units" ability
I like scourges. And yes, banelings can unburrow automatically when enemie units pass overthem, by right clicking the unburrow button once they are burrowed. Lurkers WERE sweet though, and I miss them. I think they did make a hydra speed upgrade in HOTS. It was pretty stupid that they only moved fast on creep - how often do you use creep tumors when you're in the same base as a protoss or terran ally? if you do, you're a #!%#!*@@. lol I liked scourges, as well, and was dissappointed to see them removed in SC2. As far as neural parasite goes, how often do you see it used? It takes like 5 of them just to get an scv to build a CC, if you can even manage to get the scv back to your base before they come and kill your slow moving infestors. Neural parasite, the way it is, to me, is virtually useless. It should at least be able to be used underground, and have twice the duration. Being above ground to use the infestation is fair, but it's just too hard to keep the infestor alive when he's above ground using neural parasite.

Bottom line: in the third part of this trilogy, I would like to see(zerg wise):

-Lurkers come back, same as they were in SC1. Lets face it, zerg defense isn't the greatest. Terran get the tanks. Protoss get the Collosus'. I guess you can have broodlords, after a lair, an infestation pit, a hive, a Spire, an upgraded spire, and like 3 expansions to get enough resources to build them...

-Scourges come back, same as they were in SC1.

-Neural Parasite ability usable when infestor is underground.(i mean 1 or 2 uses at 15 seconds and the infestor is out of energy, which doesn't matter, because it was dead after 5 seconds)

-Overseer upgrade available without a lair, changling and creep abilities only available after lair. ( so you don't need a lair or spore crawlers to see dts ) say they've killed your Lair, and you have a bunch of men, and your spawning pool is dead too. How do you see cloaked units to kill them with your remaining army? I miss the overlords being able to detect from SC1.

-(hydra movement speed upgrade - which I think is already coming in part2)

Also, banelings seem very expensive for the amount of damage they do. They are great against a small mmm army, but if you put as much money into banelings as the opponent puts into marines, marauders, and medivacs, you're banelings aren't effective.

That is all. =) Love everything else. The queens making more larva beats having to make 12 hatcheries!
They should add a baneling catapult... load a baneling in and give it the range of a siege tank!
people gotta stop with the lurkers man. they're gone.

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