Hey bartender,

Joeyray's Bar
Do you serve chocolate milk here?

No?! I'm outta here...
I will take an Ice Cream Sunday.
Hey Bartender, i'll take a reason for my boy jimmy getting all soft hearded in a 10 year gap and forgave Kerrigan, then also what was the story in between "surviving and fighting for our lives after a fight that was always going to be impossible, was suddenly possible and not impossible, but ultimately led up to a guy getting shot?"

Riddle me that - BAR TEN DER.
It has been a time since the last time I taste a blood-ling soda. Thanks Bartender!
I love creep milkshakes!
Hey bartender!! Can you make any of these??


Yeah, I didn't think so XP
I just want to send the shoutout out here but we only serve men here over the age of 21 standard earth years ya hear.

You know what we do to them sissies who want chocolate milk out in these parts? You dont wanna know boy.
05/11/2011 07:28 PMPosted by Vultureling
I love creep milkshakes!

I love creep milkshakes!


You sir have no sense of good taste. Creep is delicious.
Can I have glass of water?



I'm not comming back to this place, FU AND FCK THIS BAR
Do you serve here Larva Injection Cocktails? I heard they are really expensive, brought directly from the Queen's Nest!
Hey guys! Who has here a list of all the drinks here?
it's on the menu
I'll take a rusty nail
I'll take some chocolate beer.
06/09/2011 03:20 PMPosted by Wishywashy
I'll take some chocolate beer.

Chocalte WIne is better and more sophisticated. Beer is for alcholics. Wine is where its at.
Hey bartender, I'll have some mutilated muta wings with some diet Dr. Ling!
Ya know that Raynor guy? He had a son. They say he was "gifted"............ More absinthe please.
I'll take a frozen yogurt pleez.

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