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Looking down on the ruins of a once sprawling city of the Dominion of man, Declin King could fell the emptiness beneath him. No screaming, no gunshots, no shouts, not even the chittering and sc%!!@!! that went hand in hand with the Zerg could be heard. Not for the moment at least. Through the scope of his rifle he saw countless plumes of smoke rising up from roaring blazes, and broken still-flickering neon lights dotted throughout the city, but no life. The small comm-box at his side crackled “all right King, we’ve got the position locked on”. He shouldered his rifle and pulled up a chair from the rubble of the office room he was currently enjoying the view from. A very rich businessman had once worked here, but he was long gone. All that was left was an overturned desk, a smashed wall, papers strewn on the floor and a very quiet ghost. And soon he, and all of it around him, would be gone too. Declin sat down right next to the gaping hole from which he could see the city and watched as a tiny black dot in the sky tore through the cloudline, glowing red from the tremendous speed at which it traveled, and fell towards the ground. Declin grinned.
“You called down the thunder”
And he was gone.
Pure awesome.
"Now DEAL with it!"

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