Journal of A Marine

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This is the Journal of A Marine That Died In Battle

Day 3:

So Mike and I had just decided to go take a shot of alcohol. Nothing different. We were still alcoholics and stimaddicts. We went in, saw Joey again, and got the usual shot.
After that, the Commander called us out via the reactors to fight. We were crack pissed. We've fought too many times recently. I think I should be a commander. After all that crap, we decided to get the Commander to get jack out here. (reference to the troll)

Then hell broke loose. We watched the Supply Depots carefully, to avoid contact. Then we looked behind us and saw Stalkers blink up. Lan and Johnny, our siege tank buds, blew the crap out of them. Then the insane Zealots charged us. Good god our Saran friends with Hellions burned them.

We figured that the Protoss had annihilated the Zerg nearby. I was wrong. They charged those Colossi nearby with a huge army of zerglings even more zealous then those Zealots. I think they were Speedlings. jack got wrecked in like, 4 seconds.

Then, a huge amount of Banelings broke in, and we used our stims to kite them to death.
Now, i'm writing this... and oh crap, is that a Mutalisk? With Banelings?!
Anyone like it at all?

Or does it suck so bad that it should just be removed?
doesnt make sense for a marine to be shooting and writing at the same time.

EDIT: It does make sense cause the marine is stimmed lol
Lol, the marines hopped.

He took a moment to write, and then got jumped. :O

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