Ghost Unit Delta Mission Log

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Ghost Unit Delta Mission Log:
Code Name: Rising Tide

Operation Overseer: Lt. Colonel Adams
Ghost Operatives On Mission:
J. Matthews, Code Name: Grizzly
S. Raven, Code Name: Eagle
R. Jameson, Code Name: Tiger
K. Graham, Code Name: Jackrabbit
#53 (Identity Unknown), Code Name: Shadow

Mission Date: 2530
Location: Unknown planet in the Kropulu Sector
Primary Objective: Infiltrate and acquire plans for new rebel technology.
Secondary Objective: Eliminate rebel leaders
Threat Level: Alpha
Post-Operation Summary:

Operative Status:
J. Matthews: Minor physical injuries (note, psychological evaluation recommended due to mental trauma).
S. Raven: Major physical injuries, loss of lower left arm and left eye, currently undergoing cybernetic surgery on said injuries with robotic components to replace left eye and left arm.
R. Jameson: KIA. Cause of death: Decapitation
K. Graham: Fatal injuries. Chance of survival: 23.58%
#53: MIA.

Primary Objective: Successful
Secondary Objective: Partially Successful, 5 of 8 rebel leaders eliminated, location of the other 3 rebel leaders is unknown.

Note from the author:
I was bored one evening and decided to write this, hopefully I'll get motivated to do something more with it, like a short story following this mission, but for now I'll leave this for people to read, and maybe you guys can toss in ideas of what kind of mission it could be and what it could involve.

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