This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules!
EDIT: The bar is back in business!
(Humans are allowed, too)
State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology.
Vultureling. Zerg. Vultureling (a fast Zergling with infested grenades).

EDIT: Please like this, so we can have one of the first blue posts in Joey Ray's bar!

Please keep track of your Credits and Items.

Please read all below posts at LEAST once before posting. PLEASE!
Please refer to the Compilation of Menus thread, add to it if you want a certain item.
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Also, Since Today is Friday, say what kind of Item you want. For example, Larva bed, Extra Credits (Saving for something expensive), Speed upgrade

It was a lonely day at Joey Ray's. Only a few creatures were milling about. Vultureling pulls up a bowl of creep, and settles down.
SOon, this page will be massed. Expect a no.2 soon!
It;s been about 23 hours. We have 24 pages! Woot! Actually, it was 2 days, as of now.
It has been 20 minutes. I will continue.

Vultureling absently licks at his creep-shake, thinking about his past. He wonders how he could have been created. Xel'Naga, perhaps? Maybe the Overmind personally created him. perhaps, he was just a freak accident... but why did it matter, anyway? He had decided to kill all 3 races equally.
Neaera, Zerg, Ultralisk 2.0

Neaera steps over Vultureling, due to recent evolution enhancments, and exits the bar. A drop ship suddenly appears and 8 marines suddenly leap 30 feet down to the ground and target Neaera.

"Halt!" one of the Marines says. "You are unacceptable to the world of starcraft due to your outrageous ability to walk over small units. You are to be terminated immediately. This could beak the entire universe as we know it. How shall the mighty Terran race be able to hold dominance if such a creature were to reproduce!"

The Marines let out a cry as they push the T located on their body and fire at an insanely overpowered rate. Smoke begins to rise as Neaera is rained down upon by the marines. The marine that talked held up his wrist to signal a cease fire. When the smoke cleared they were shocked to their bones.

Neaera was still there.

He was coated in his Chitinous Plating.

The marines tried to call the dropship down... but it was to late... for Neaera was upon them.
Vultureling then comes out of the bar, leaving his creep-shake. "Hello, there!" He says. He looks at the corpses. "Nice did you do it?" Vultureling politely asks.
Drmigit, Random, Zealot Chef

Drmigit entered Joe's bar with a loud sigh, the corpses littered around meant only one thing, Neaera was there. Drmigit came on weekends to joe's bar to get away from work, and Neaera was his restraunt's most frequent customer. He tip toed past Neaera but tripped over the vultureling. They both turned their attention toward the aspiring chef, and he proceed to sit down and order a large large drink.
Xugos, low-flying Corruptor.

Give me the toughest brew of non-alcoholic stuff ya got.

05/11/2011 07:58 PMPosted by Vultureling
Vultureling then comes out of the bar, leaving his creep-shake. "Hello, there!" He says. He looks at the corpses. "Nice did you do it?" Vultureling politely asks.

"Pretty easily. I'm a little smaller as you can see. But I've gained quite a few new enhancements to my predecessor. I'm not sure why they never thought of "charging" these ridiculous units down. Alas... I can not hit the drop ship though. To bad there aren't any hydra's anymore."

Turns his gaze toward Drmigit.

"Drmigit! How's work treating ya? I heard about that little riot with the probes. They were trying to start a riot about them having to work to hard."

They calmed down, dishonorable fools took a slightly larger mineral wage for working twice as hard. Its becoming burdensome to handle so many of these workers at once. Im surprised they still send marines after you, one would think a thor would come at some point. Or a planetary fortress... I remember before I settled down...we charged many friends...SO MANY ooh whisky *drinks*
^^^since when have the terran's acquired pylons? THIS IS HUGE NEWS! SOUND THE ALARMS!
"Interesting, Nerea!" Vultureling looks at the Zealot Chef. "Can you cook creep 'shakes?" He asks.
Joey pipes up. "Hey, people! Time to close up! I'll be back up tomorrow!" Many grumbles accompany his statement, but eventually everyone gets out. EVERYONE, YOU NOW GO TO YOUR HOMES! You can select a few items to bring to Joey's tomorrow. Choose wisely. (example: honey for the Aiur Chef, to gain charisma points with him, or..a gun, to threaghten Joey)

*EDIT* Please save all other posts 'till tomorrow, tomorrow is 10 hours for me. thanks! If other players want to have a conversation amongst themselves, go ahead.
I don't like anything Terran. *Turns a dark look at kiel*

But your right. I'm not sure why they send marines. Marauders would work much better. But we all know how marines think? MOAR MARINES

I don't like being called Ultralisk 2.0. I think i should go for a new name. Not sure what though. *sigh*

Kiel, Joe himself is a closet Horde. So actually, you are an orc.
As you all enter your respective homes, you notice a sign at your doorstep. "You've just won (1) item of your choice! Thanks for being loyal customers. -Joey Ray

Choose your item.
EDIT: Naera, be Uber-Ultralisk! or Epi-Lisk!
*Evolution upgrade* Neaera gains the ability to grow either a spine crawler tentacle, or a spore crawler on top of his armored back


I get an evo upgrade :D
And i'll go with... Levialisk. Levia as in the way Leviathon sounds. Only without the thon.
I CHOOSE......................................................................THOR MINI PET! ENTARO QUIZINE!
Mike, Terran, Marauder

"Give me some tequila!"
Mike, Terran, Marauder

"Give me some tequila!"

Bars closed sorry. Also.... i hate marauders -.- Their annoying as hell.
Neara: You spend all night sleeping, praying that the Queen of Blades accepted your prayer.
Drmidgit... You get a toy robot.
Nuparu-Please choose an item! The Bar is Closed for the next 10 hours or so. I will post when it opens.

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