This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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we could do this in the chat channel
Yes, james, but we can plot-twist for our plot. I'm gonna edit the 1st post. EVERYONE, please look at the first post, ithas updates. Right now, you can choose an item or upgrade with value<100 credits. Or, get 100 credits.
James, we DO do it in chat. But this way, we can RECORD it! So we can help new people.
Zerrox sits at the bar bored out of his mind in Lurker form again drinking a creep shake hoping that someone would come in and talk to him.
oh ok
I'll take the 100 creds
Please keep track of your credits, and items.
my first hundred creds plz
So i got 100 creds from yesterday as i didn't take an item and 100 creds for today also?
(i'm back, and do i have 100 credits??)
hey zerrox have you any idea where prodyseuss went to? Jemhedar says approching the hybrid
Yes. I will hand out items or money sometimes, Look at the original post. You have 200 credits. If you wish to buy something, tell me, and I will say cost. Being a good rper gets you bonus creds.
:D Hm....what do i
I want like, a collar for Zero!! xD
"Not a clue, he might be outside..." (sorry i want paying attention whos prodyseuss and thanks for talking to me lol)
Mockingjay, it ha tracking skill. You will know where Zero is now. *hands item*
( i have to pay, lol)
Plz just call me Jay! Jay says
(he is my pet probe, one section of the building has 2 mini-bases he warped in earlier today)

"I tried out there already, i'm getting worried for him" Jemhedar is clearly getting more anxious by the second
"...Ok" Vultureling says, in Human Form. His melodic voice sooths you. Joey gives you your collar. Vultureling gets a collar for Zergy, with dual-tracking.(both)
Perhaps i can find him, Jay says. *Jay sits in her booth, motionless with a glazed look developing in her eyes* probie probie probie....Jay says
"Allow me" says Zerrow

Then Zerrox shuts of his normal senses and magnifies his psionic sense. The powerful Hybrid detects the emotional link between pet and master and tracks it.

"It seems he is gone I tacked the tail in a quick circle around the bar then poof its like he just vanished..."
"thanks guys maybe he has his on base going up, look for any Protoss structures in the area" Jemhedar looks calmer and asks for something soothing from joey

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