This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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05/11/2011 08:36 PMPosted by kiel
Come to me Nuparu I will bathe you in a warm glow of matrixeyness from my magical floating crystal that comes from Aiur's core

Please stay on-topic :) And, read the posts above! You will find out that you should pick up an item. EDIT: sorry, it's late, I have to go to bed soon, lest I become a zombie tomorrow. you want to rp as if it's tomorrow for 5 minutes or so?
Vultureling returned home, secretly yearning to be with neaera, the Ultralisk. "It's nice to find another friendly Zerg..." Vultureling mused as he went into his creep-bed. (water-bed, full of squishy creep.)
*winds up thor* OH %%@!! RUN NEAERA! RUNNNN
The Thor does less than 2 dps... It cheerily informs you that "THOR IS HERE!".


I want my item to be an item that grants me 3 items.

Please keep this rp-oriented, Drmigit. We are being half-serious here :)
About post above:
I want Concussive Shells, A set of Stims, and U512 rounds.

He is Joe, not santa, one wish only!

I got one and manipulated it. But okay.

I get U512 rounds (Stims and Concussives are default)
*Decides that it's time to go tear apart that small Terran settlement he saw on his way to the bar.*

Luckily for him no one really knows his real tag... and it's not armored.

While he storms toward the settlement... he undergoes another evolution. The air around him crackles as Psionic energy radiates around him.

A hint of a smile hits Neaera's lips...
Warning: Strike cannons inbound

Thor mini proceeds to destroy an entire hive.
Sammy ,Blink Stalker, Protoss

*blink* HI yall get me a wisky PLZ
Warning: Strike cannons inbound

Thor mini proceeds to destroy an entire hive.

System32 error within mini Thor. Thor fails to reach maximum energy capacity. Only 79 energy. 150 required.
Joey blinks the sleep from his eyes, from his bedroom behind the bar. He gets read for the patrons, getting a toy Thor (firework missiles), 5u238 shells, and a mini-probe tazer (somehow). He also sends out for some whisky, for this new customer. It arrives.
Vultureling wakes up angrily. He realizes he forgot to send out for an item! He desperately decides for the Corrupter attack, against ships. He slowly gets out of bed, stretching his Zergling limbs. He gets some credit- "hey, wait... It's free drinks at Joey's today! Sweet!" He thinks about stopping by Neaera's today. "Nah, I'll see Neaera today at Joey's." He says out loud, to no in in particular.

AfterShave, you can either a -participate, you will be welcomed, b-leave now, you can return, when you want to choose course a , or course c- be reported, for multiple accounts of trolling.

Vultureling heads on to Joey Ray's bar on the Overlord Bus. Kinda icky in there, but it's free. He stops for a moment at the entrance, then goes inside. " 'mornin, Vultureling..." Joey says sleepily. "The usual, please." Vultureling replies, then says "So...anything new?" "Nope." Joey replies, still tired. Vultureling begins licking at his Creepshake, waiting for the others.

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