This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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But, how could the probe just...vanish? Dosen't it need like, a pylon or something to do that?? Jay asks
"Sorry I wasn't of more help though this is quite a mysterious disappearance I will look into this more..."
*jay sees something very wrong with the probe through her glazed sight....*
I...found him....i think....
Dylan is back from a vacation in a distant planet... relizes things have goten wierd....

*walks into joerays bar* Dylan greets the joeyray politly and the other players in the stools and order creep soup for lunch.
Could we go on the chat and continue Vultureling? We can maybe try it for a while and maybe try cortex again?
(Alright I gotta go play some StarCraft anyone who gets on sometime tnite add me SummitCRM 968 or 908 i can't distinguish 6 from 0 in SC
james i havent seen you around here before? Dylans askes innocently.
I...i fear...Jay says
He is broken, wherever he is....there are pieces missing...and his eyelight....Jay continues
I think something is wrong
(who is all here yet by the way, er at least is Vultureling here?)
hmm, i have spare parts at home, but who would damage a poor probe like him?
being ignored dylan flaps his wings ferociously. He orders a creepshake large and listens in on the conversations.
"what happened? i was unconcious, i had a vision."
There seems to be puddles of blue liquid around your probe as puddles of blood...
Perhaps your probe fought off the creature that attacked it....*Jay loses sight of the probe, her link broken by some strange thing, her senses flood back to the bar* Oh no...I've lost track of him!
sry sir just distracted how are you i'm jemhedar
"me too carrot, kinda" Dylans says drawing his attention to carrotjuice. i just bought i armour plated speedlin armour, wanna see?
sure! turning a thought wave to jay i ask her to try and find it again if just a location
New armor? Jay asks, interested in the talk of items
I should show you what i got in my duffle here,
Oh, okay, I'll keep looking...Jay says, somewhat dissapointed she couldn't talk with therest of the bar-goers but happy to help look for the lost probe

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