This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

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so what do you have?
"i would love to see ur new armor!"
Dylan takes a large sip of his creep shake to finish it off and begings the process of putting on his hardenned armour plated body suit
Now that the armour is on Dylan shines Crome and looks badass... he politly askes jay or jem to pelt rocks at it.
*stares fixated at armor*
Hm....Jay murmers...
Something....its blocking off my senses....
Ah, there, found a way through....
He seems to be in the same place, there are lots of trees.....a little pile of creep....a strange bunch of flowers...
Hm...Jay says *Jay recognizes the place where the probe is, but simply dosen't remember where it is*
That's all i can do for you, I'm sorry Jemhedar
"pelting at your request" I start pelting rocks at you
ermmm carrot wat are u lol, same with u too i kimnda missed what u guys a speedling btw.
I'm Jay, a girl Ghost with dark hair and blue eyes :D
Do they have gold leaves by chance?
Dylan decides to go for wa walk, who wants to come?
i am infestor
"that armor is very high quality"
*coninues to goggle at armor*
Hm...yeah, they do look gold....yup, they are....there are also some stone paths going throughout the area where your probe is, Sound familiar Jemhedar?

Hm..I suppose i can go on a walk, as soon as i'm done helping to look for the lost probe.
prehaps u will find a clue on the trip.
YES, He was acting very odd there, we need to hurry! Jemhedar dashes off and the flicker of a active plasma shield is noticed by everyone in the room
Jemhadar, do you need me anymore, or will it be okay if i went for a walk?
Ah, well, idk if i need to go with though...-__-
Or did you want me to come??
I'm back. Mockingjay, plz get on. you guys find Vulturelings Human body by the flowers. He is unconscious.
Thats fine ill tell you what i find there
Well, i guess i'm going online, I'll maybe come back later.
Nope says him

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