This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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D:was i supposed to roll or choose?
Catalogue-when it overflows, I will make a new thread, called no.2 . Relax.
What does Jay do?
Dylan orders ANOTHER creepshake while waiting for jay or someone 2 give him some news
Jay is out searching, Vultureling is near-dead. I rolled for you, Jay. just tell me what you do.
*sigh* I should go find Vultureling...
Jay runs out of the bar and far into the woods.
She stops in a small flowered clearing, which somehow looked strangely familiar to her.
She hears a strange moaning sound a bit away...perhaps under the flowers...
Jay finds Vultureling In a heap in the middle of the flowered clearing
Vultureling? Jay asked, shocked to have found him so battered and bruised
ok thats good i thought u meant make another thrread but like not joeyrays bar and sutff D=
Rollign a dice for you.
You get a job, 10/credits hour.
Jay got a 5, she fins him after about an hour of searching.
You see Vultureling's Body. He is barely breathing, and he is human. He has throwign knives in his hands. You also see many dead Roaches, and Baneling acid splattered everywhere...Mostly on him, though.
What do you do?
Dylan decides to go for a run, he smeels out jay and starts to look for him
Vultureling? Jay asked, scared to even touchhim because of all the acid still clinging to his skin, eating away at his flesh.
What on earth happened???
Dylan was looking for jay
Vultureling psionically says *albeit VERy faintly* I was out...walking...Zerg...I was human, they suspected...easy prey...
Catalouge :(. You got lost. You are roaming around, and *dice roll* 6 zergling assault you! you are tied up for 2 hours.
Jay then remembers she had her duffle full of all her stuff from training. She found her spray-on anti-acid and begins to spray it on Vultureling

You're okay now, jay says
We should bring you back to the bar,
After Jay is sure all the acid from Vultureling was gone, she tries to pick him up, but he's a bit heavier than she thought

Vultureling, do you have enough strength to morph into something smaller, like a zergling? Jay asked
*faintly, in her mind* me...:)....
You can lift him, after a thought on his part, he's VERY lightweight.
*in mind to her* How did you...find me?
The pauses are getting shorter and shorter.
2 hours in the future dylan shows up with a broken arm requesting medical help before collasping. roll 1-3 saved in bar 4-6 bar inhabitants cnt help and is sent to hospital and looses all credits
PLZ roll
Jay then carries Vultureling back into the bar, recieving many confused and surprised looks from the bar-goers.

Joey, can we set him on your bed? Jay asks

I have no idea Vultureling, Jay said, But you will be okay...i promise...
"0_O Sure", he says...Noticing the way you are carrying him ;)
Rolling a dice...
16! Ouch! (Lower was better)
5 days of straight recovery, sipping Zerg soup, and mostly sleeping, then...the acid returns.
warp! Adun,protoss,dragoon

Where am i?

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