This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Jimmy Raynor (hybrid morpher in disguise), Hybrid, Vulture (riding)

As the door (and half the wall) of Joeyray's bar comes crashing down, a random vulture pulls in to the bar.

"Aww hell, I knew I couldn't fit this thing through the door." said Jimmy, "Here sorry Joey I was feeling recklessly impulsive, I'll pay for the repairs and get some SCV's on it right away."

"Jimmy" pulls out a device and types something in, then puts it away.

"In the mean time would it be to much trouble to get a drink? These SCV's should take about a few hours (20 minutes in real life time) to fix this place up new." said Jimmy.

As "Jimmy" approaches the bar surrounded by a random assortment of creatures, he grins slyly to himself and sends a psionic message to the Dark Voice.

"I have infiltrated the bar, who is the target?"
Pauguster, Protoss, Flame Myrmidon (Something like a high templar, but a few differences: It can shoot flames, it has a long 2h sword.)

It was a warm day on the planet of Aiur, but Pauguster could tell something bad was coming. The air whispered to him. It said, "Pauguster, you are not alone in this vass universe. There are others coming. You must gather all of the fugitives you can. The purge of the protoss is near".

'Great', Pauguster thought to himself. He knew, however, that what the wind says is always wise. He followed it's advice.

When Pauguster arrived at the great palace of The Executor, he approached the guard. The guard knew of Pauguster, for he was a respectable Auirian, and he let him in immediately.

Pauguster soon arrived at the throne room. He approaced Executor Palerion, and said "There is an alien race approaching. They seek to destroy us."

"How do you know this?" asked Palerion.

"The wind has told me things, as the flames whispers, so does the wind. We must leave Aiur quickly, or our people shall surely die. We are not prepared for an attack that we know nothing about."
"I cannot leave my people, or my planet, Pauguster," said The Executor.

"I see how it will be. I will take my people. You cannot stop me."

"I will let you go, but consider yourself a rebel of Aiur, Pauguster"

Pauguster left with a grim feeling of remorse. He did wish to save his people. He knew the Protoss would be almost destroyed, for the wind does not speak of things that are of no importance.

He phased to another part of Aiur, and he blew the horn of gathering. Fortunately, many Aiurians came.

"We are about to be destroyed," said he, " and we must leave soon. Come with me, if you want to be spared a terrible fate. Come with me for your salvation."

Many Protoss followed him, 500 or so, and that's just the men. He led them to the transport ship. Where they escaped.
While they were flying away, Pauguster looked back. He saw what looked like giant beasts of flesh fly towards the planet. He knew no one would escape.

In the end, Pauguster and the fugitives landed safely on a planet they call Szen VII. There they live in peace, discovering great things. And no one heard from them, and they heard from no one on the outside. They were hidden. For now, that is.

Was that not awesome???
Nick, Terran, zealot marine
Current rank in the Terran marine corps: First Sergent
(A zealot that has joined factions with the Terran, Armed with both the Psi blades for C.Q.C. and the standard marine rifle for long distance combat. Also has inherited the rugged lifestyle of the marines.) (Is not currently wearing the marine battlesuit)

*Nick strides up to the bar, kicks the door open, sits down at the bar and says...*

"Gimme a beer."
After getting a beer, he pays for it, and then sits down in one of the corners and lights up a cigarette. (Feel free to ask for a back story on "Nick")
Vultureling was napping. He woke up, noticing all the new people, possible friends! Even Jim Raynor! He walked over to Kagaru and said," Am I psionic, or are you not cloaked?" He regards Nick curiously for a moment.
"Hello," says Jim, "I'm Jim Raynor, former marshall on the planet Mar Sara and now acting Commander of the Hyperion and the rebel group known as Raynor's Raider's. And I just paid 200 minerals to get that door fixed, and you just kicked it in, are we gunna have a problem?"
"Wow!" Vultureling says, secretly scanning Jim' mind. "Definitely a clone..." Vultureling thinks.
"" He says again. Then he realizes he was napping IN his Creepshake. he starts licking his face, determined to get the last bits of his delicious drink.
"I dunno, are we?!"
Nick stands up next to "Jim", a good foot above him.
*Out of game, am I able to know that he is a hybrid?*
"Hey, stranger!" Vultureling says, with just a hint of purple still on his face.
(Is that to me)
Jim sits quietly glaring in Nick's direction, of course all of it was simply a mask. The disguised Hybrid Morpher decided it was time to begin learning all he could about the customers hoping that his master would reply soon with his target, which would be the Hybrid's only match...
And no I haven't revealed myself as a Hybrid yet. (and sorry I start typing my next post and dont see the new ones)
Realizing she's a few post behind Kagura decides to ignore Vultureling and signals the bartender for another strawberry milk.
"Hello, what does your name happen to be?"
(to vultureling)
"It's Vultureling, what's yours?" Vultureling politely asks.
Nick, because he was pissed at "Jim", walks past him trying to nudge his arm on his way to the bar, and notices it goes straight through. He believes something fishy is up, and proceeds to speak to vultureling about it. acting casually, he whispers to vulturling, "I think we have an imposter" while gesturing to "Jim"
"Jim", stands up pretending to be intimidated by Nick and moves to the corner of the bar. Secretly the Hydbrid thinks, "A formidable ally or a possible enemy?"

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