This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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(Before the prvious post) (sorry, did not see yours) Mines Nick
"Neagra is going to !!@# me. D:"
"Well, nice to meet you!" Vultureling says.
"You too", continuing to gesture to "jim" and telling vulturling about what happend
*Out of game Hey sorry but I just had to make up something that could switch forms and the Hybrid Morpher sounded okay, so sorry for making up units lol.
"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" I say before he tries kills vulturling. (jason) then I wressle him to the ground and put the barrel of my gun into the back of his head. (divine intervention)=p ( he does however cut part of my wrist while I was fighting him to ground) "What the **** do you think you were doing?? you walk into a public bar and start killing the inhabitants? *jason, btw, you cant just do that, and for the record hes more powerful than you.*
*I stand there, pissy that Neagra evaded me.*
"What the f***! how the f*** did that c***-licking b**** evade me? I'll find that b**** a** c*** with a f****** thermal scope then shove it up his a**!"

He's really pissy.
Then "Jim" takes out his famous revolver and shoots Nuparu square in the face.
"There, that outta shut him up."
If Vultureling was harmed, Joey would kill the enemy.
"STOP!" Vultureling yells, enacting psionic barriers around everyone.
After Knocking Cpt.Jason out, I run over to jim and swing my rifle at him for murdering a marauder. I knock him out, and we see through his tricks. I did knock out Jason before you turned on barriers though
NICK! Barriers?!
EDIT:Thanks, Nick. You can still play, but.
so now what?
I'll fix it. Joey then kicked everyone out of the bar. Everyone, please say what you will do at your house.

Vultureling quietly paid Joey, left, and went to his Creep Tumor home. He got on his Creepbed, quietly thinking about (Cookies Character). He then falls asleep.
"Jim" flickers and starts to disappear. Then out of now where a previously cloaked Dark Templar uncloaks and says,
"Ah, you have seen through my projection, and probably know of my true form, but beware I will return and when I do you won't know who I am, so keep on your toes and have a nice afternoon."

Then the Dark Templar flees the building...
Oh sorry I didn't see the post what happend?

Finishing the rest of her Strawberry milk she pays the bartender and with haste leaves the bar.

However while departing she whispers in the ears of Vultureling.
"The days of dark are near, the truth is near and far the gods shall strike for the time of wrath is long near due. The towers of corpse has seen the key.

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