This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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At my house I report a malicious activity at the bar, request a promotion and some minerals as I have not been paid for my recent tour on char, ( I will explain in next post as back story) and ask a couple of my buddys to meet up with me.
we all go home, pretend you didn't shoot the marauder and stuff. say what your doing at the house A reply to "jim"
The Dark Templar quickly flees up the road before transforming back into "Jim" and hops on a Vulture (part of the Jim diguise) he rides up into the hills to be seen again in approx. one hour ;)
vulturling, can you list aprox prices for items, and how much money I have( I trust you to balance) and what exactly happened after I saved you from a moronic poster?
Yes. Choose an item. I will tell you the price. You gained 100 credits.
Ferik, Terran, Vulture.

Who wanna get wild? Dig it. Live fast, die young.
Satyric, Zerg, Roach.

"Gimme' the deadliest thing you got Joey"
I look at Jim.

"Suck my c***, 'cause I'm as cold as the cold wind blows."
I take out my 35mm and kill (or at least maim) him with 35mm grenades.

*I dock the roof and do so with thermal visor*
Nicks backstory-

Nick was born on the protoss homeworld of Auir. At the appropriate age, he enlisted to fight the zerg swarm. when the overmind took over Auir, he doubled his efforts against the zerg, aways the first to fight, always the first to kill. when his family were murdered by the zerg, he redoubled his efforts, disregarding any safety that all creatures should undertake. On one particularity bloody battle, they were ambushed by a force of roaches and hydralisks. a swarm of zerglings being lead by an ultralisk on the left, a circle of hydralisks surrounding the entire force of protoss, and roaches in between the protoss, Nick saw his commanding officer die right next to him. he was killed the second the ambush initiated with his legs burnt off by acid, his face with a hyrdalisk spine through his eye. his best friend was killed next to him, his last words were pitiful, whispered through a dying throught. "save meee... Nick instantly killed the first zerg to appear in front of him, a roach. he was to late to save his best friend, save from part of his torso and half of his face. Nick didn't have time to feel emotion, didnt have time to process what had happened. He lunged forward, but the zerg came in overwhelming numbers. he saw the ultralisk tear thrugh one of the two collosi, luckily one of the immortals took it out before it killed the second. the immortal was however overwhelmed by zerglings before it could contribute to the fight any more. the fight was over before it had begun. Nick thought he had no time left in his life, as the zerg advanced towards him, the lst surviving protoss of the battalion. he looked at the amulet his parents had given him before he departed. he looked up, and shouted with what he thought was his last breath " MY LIFE FOR AUIR!" while loking up however, he saw something, a glimmer, he couldn't tell what it was until he saw four others moving in a "V" formation. He curled himself in a ball and waited for the impact that might kill him. Bombs lit up the surrounding landscape all around him as specially equipped terran banshees flew all overhead, decimating the force of zerg. one of the last zerglings jumped thrugh the air at Nick, his shield now gone. It didn't make it halfway thrugh it's jump. The zergling turned into a red mist in the air, and splattered blood was all across nicks armor. A second later, a ghost materialized next to him. This is when nick decided that he would be better off with the Terran. He has rapidly climbed the chain of command and is now a elite soldier working for the Terran. recently he toured on char helping to get a land hold on the area, and helped locate fallen drop pods, rallying the troops inside.

That was the back-story of Nick, the zealot/marine
As for the item, how much is a personal cloaking device or dark templar blades? And how much for dark templar training?
Man that backstory took forever to make. I had to do it twice, it deleted the rough draft.
Joey decides to close the bar again, after the new intruders came, waking him from his bed inside the bar. "Get out, I'll serve you tomorrow!" He says, still half-asleep.
Personal Cloak- 100 energy-100 credits.
Dark Templar Blades- 100 credits each.
Dark Templar Training-500 credits each.

Keep in mind, that you can earn credits DAILY. 100 average.
tyvm, cya tomorrow.
i deleted my old post cuz i din't see that joey closed the bar.
Carrot, zerg, infestor.
*while walking down the street, carrot sees a gang beating on some poor kid*
"hey jerks!"
*gang turns around, right as carrot fungals their faces.*
TYO, Zerg, Roach
TYO, having secretly watched the whole incident at Joey Ray's bar while burrowed, snickers and claws his way back to his underground home.
"I found my new hobbie.."
Nick, tired and restless, heads into town. he heads to the outskirts of the town, and sees a group of creatures on the horizion. (If there is anyone here, feel free to Rp with me.)
While the units seem to be comming closer, I call in backup to be on standby.

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