Compilation of Menus.

Joeyray's Bar
This should not be dead and is relevant. HINT HINT.

Joey Ray's official menu! Please add recommendations! I will add descriptions later. PLEASE add ideas.
This is the food of all Roleplays. Eat, drink, repeat!
I will add approximately (One) item a day, and I need your help keeping this thread alive, as adding new things doesn't keep it at the top.
1. Creepshake
2. Chocolate milk.
3. Strawberry milk.
4. Rasberry martini.
5. Bourbon, Jim Raynor style
6. Fried Muta-Wings
7. Vegetable Tray
8. Whiskey (any kind)
9. Tequila
10. Eggs, Bacon 'n Grits
11. Acid Spew
12 Classic XXX
13 Glorified Rations (Great on the go!)
14 Whatever I got Today (Special! Changes daily!)
15 Ultra-Burgers (3 pounds...yum)
16 teriyaki Corrupter
17 Suckling Zergling
18 Solar Shake (For the Protoss)
19 Classic Burger
20 Mac n' Cheese (Now with optional Creepcheese!)
21 Sammuro Fruit Shake/Raw
22 Framberrys Raw/Shake
23 Water (gasp!)
24 Lamb Chops
25 Zerg Soup
26 Fish (Choose one.)
27 Tortellinis
28 Steak (Varied amounts of cooking)
29 Tacos (Anything in them)
30 Fondue (Chocolate)
31 Fondue (Cheese)
32 Fondue (Other)
33 Frozen Yogurt (Any flavor imaginable. Even..Chocolate, Coffee, Pomegranate, Tart,etc)
34 Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
35 Roasted Templar (For the Zerg. I only harvest recently dead Protoss.)
36 Soda (Choose)
37 Hydralisk Legs
38 Cherry on top! (Extra, choose from-Creep-Cherry, Psi-Cherry, or regular Cherry)
39 Add Mint!
40 Add Chocolate!
41 Add Extra Liquor!
44 Nuke Noodles!
45 Big Ol' Hotdog (Anything on it)
46 Pylus (Pylon Drink)
46 Classic Chili
47 Add Strawberry
48 Strawberry On Top
49 Pretzel (With or without Creepsauce, Ketchup, Mustard, etc)
50 Pot Pie (Don't ask what's in it)
51 Roasted Roach Legs
52 Concussive Shot
53 Hellion Hot Sauce
54 Zerg Rush Energy Drink (Like a Baneling Bust to the face!)
55 Reaver Drop Energy Drink
56 Terran Turtle ...Sleep Drink
57 Fried Zerg Eggs
58 Mushroom Power-Up
59 Lunar Energy Bar
60 Mar Sara Cola
61 Apple Pie
62 Hydralisk Ribs
63 Zergling Ribs (For the kiddies)
64 Ultralisk Ribs (for the hungry souls out there)
65 Terran (Rib, leg, Chunk of Flesh)(Also, Joey only takes FRESHLY KILLED TERRAN!!! HE DOES NOT MURDER!!!!!)
66 Beans n' Rice
67 Salad (Just greens)
68 Chicken Salad
69 Open-Face Turkey
70 Larva (Again, he only takes doomed Larva, that will die from lack of Creep)
71 Ankh Specialty- Fresh Fish Salad
72 Chips (Any kind)
73 French Fries (Any kind, any sauce, any seasoning)
74 Psi-Storm Soup
75 Queen Fingers
76 Shield Battery Medical Drink
77 Charburger (More char than not)
78 Nuke (Now 99% Alc/Vol!)
79 Infestor Jelly
80 Hydralisk au Vin
81 I herd u liek Mudkipz?
82 Braised Roach Legs
83 Steamed Queen Legs
84 Zerg Egg Balut
85 Ultralisk Tusk Marrow
86 Fried Zerg Larvae
87 Leviathan Caviar
88 Mutalisk Sashimi
89 Corruptor Rolls
90 Corruptor Tentacle Alfredo with Corruption Sauce
91 Fungal Growth Cheese
92 Psi Cherry Pie
93 Psi Cherry with Choco-Psi Sauce
94 Zergling Diniguan
95 Power Pylon Jelly Beans
96 Lurker Spine Rib
97 Protoss Plasma
98 Stew (Whatever I got on handy!)
99 Changeling Mystery Meat
100 Mutalisk Pad Thai
101 Chips 'n Creep (Nachos!)
102 Sweet and Sour Hydralisk
103 Neosteel With Acid Sauce
104 Chargelot Energy Drink
105 Protoss Warp Battery (A Drink For Our Mechanical Friends)
106 Hydra-Shawarma
107 Zerg Tacos
108 Mutalisk Spaghetti Meatballs
109 Mutalisk Meatloaf
110 Defiler Sauce (Spicy and Sour)
111 Defiler Legs (Like lobsters)
112 Hydralisk-Spine Needle Shishcabobs (Eat From the Tips of Your Enemies!)
113 Queen Mustard (Zerg-ified Mustard!)
114 Larva Pork
115 Ultralisk Jerky (Hard and Harder)
116 Lyote Shepherd's Pie
117 Lyote Steak
118 Karak Roast
119 Lava Crab, Lava Cakes
120 Chocolate Lava Cakes
121 Ursadak Tusk Marrow
122 Defiler Stew
123 Scourge Cookies (Like a Scourge To the Face!)
124 Urubu legs
125 Scantipede Lolly Pops
126 Truffle (Pure Chocolate, Mint, Rasberry)
127 Roach Jalapeno Sauce (They AREN'T Jalapenos)
128 Urubu Buffalo Wings
129 Ghost Snipe Alchohol (Adds That Certain Kick-For Biological Units Only)
130 Mind Blast Vodka
131 Nuka-Cola (A Time-Tested Classic!)
132 Queen-Milk Cheese Quesadilla with Roasted Zergling Bits
133 Tofu (With Optional WasabiCreep)
134 Hive Steak
135: Larv-ade
136: "Cream" Soda
137: Infestor Jelly
Nuff said.
how 'bout whole roasted zergling? or a suckling pyglisk!

grilled teryiaki corrupter might also be good.
The chef is the winner from Aiur Chef.
Fried broodlings
fried muta-wings
i wantttttttt!
Nydus worm neck lol
Grilled Nydus tongues.
A concussive shot
Roasted Roach Legs.

P.S. Roaches remind me of crabs. :D
BBQ Muta Wings
I also suggest Fried Zerg Eggs. *For breakfast :D*
Another suggestion: Hydralisk Ribs. I like ribs. And another. CreepCakes. Creep Tumor Pancakes. And Scrambled Zerg Eggs.
Fried Ovie Eyes.
Fried Protoss Fingers, Psi-Storm Soup, and Pylon Biscuit. *Biscuit glows blue like a pylon, also thats probably the worst idea ive had*
'Nukes' (Extremely heavy alcoholic shot)
'Charburger' (Zerg flesh from when char was incenerated. Artifact flavor!)

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