Compilation of Menus.

Joeyray's Bar
I suggest a line of "Character Delights" from like characters in game...
For Example: Rory's Delight "Smelter's Stew"
or perhaps Stetmann's Delight "Water'd Down Pick Me Up"
or Horner's Delight "Strawberry Sangria"
or Findlay's Delight "Ace of Scotch"
or Karass's Delight "Agura Special"
or Artanis's Delight "Martyr Tassadar"
or Kerrigan's Delight "A Lotta Lava Shake"
or Kulkuza's Delight "Spored Boredom"
or Rendourous's Delight "Chocolate Mint Cake"
or Venom's Delight "Psi Berry Platter"
or Mojo's Delight "Anti-Matter Cone"
(I will continue to add Delights )

i propose that you also include such things as psi berry pie, fresh picked psi berries, ripe psi berries, XTRA PSI berries, psi berry tea, psi berry juice, ect ect. make the menu a little more varied for your archon customers, dontcha think?
Hm, from the top of my head, I think we should have:

Carribean Roach Fritters (I think Slug is similar enough to conch)
Infestor Jelly
Hydralisk au Vin
Zergling Diniguan
Braised Roach Legs
Steamed Queen Legs
Zerg Egg Balut
Ultralisk Tusk Marrow
Fried Zerg Larvae
Leviathan Caviar
Mutalisk Sashimi
Corruptr Rolls
Corruptor Tentacle Alfredo with Corruption Sauce
FUngal Growth Cheese
^ That helped. Should you join the roleplay, 25+ credit bonus.
Maraider- A heavy drink that leaves a massive recoil..

Nuclear Juice, an extremely strong acidic drink. Zerg should not drink this.
a concussive shot

Secret Cow Level Burger: For Vegitarians Only.
05/18/2011 12:23 PMPosted by DoctorZerg
Secret Cow Level Burger: For Vegitarians Only.

"Lettuce Attack!" corsair salad.

Changeling Mystery Meat (A new favor every time!)

Battlecruiser cuisine (a feast fit for a Emperor!)
Charshake =)
Yay, 25 credit bonus!




...What do I use credits for?

That aside, I believe we should have Almond Spiced Ice Cream Topped with Shredded Lurker Bits.

And I also believe many of these recipes should be used in Aiur Chef.
Canned Zealot Soul (A drink)
Protoss Warp Battery (for Protoss Robots)
Terran Battery (For Terran Robots)
Ow, this is going to be a long list.

Zerg Tacos
Mutalisk Spaghetti meatballs
Mutalisk Meatloaf
Defiler Sauce (Spicy and Sour)
Defiler Legs (Like lobsters)
Hydralisk-Spine Needle Shishcabobs (eat from the tips of your enemies)
Queen Mustard (tastes like mustard, only zergy!)
Zergling Rat Roast
Larva Pork
Ultralisk Jerky (hard and harder)
Lyote Sheperad's Pie
Lyote Steak
Karak Roast
Lava Crab, Lava Cakes
Chocolate Lava Cakes
Ursadak Tusk Marrow
Defiler Stew
Scourge Cookies (yoiu know you want them)
Urubu legs
Scantipede Lolly pops
Ice cream to go with the cookies
Corruptor tentacles
Defiler, Infestor, and Overseer Chili
Roach Jalapeno Sauce (they're not jalapenos)
Urubo Buffalo Wings
Zergling Chili
Camper's Energy Drink (to stay awake)
Ghost Snipe Booze
Mind Blast Vodka
Nuka-Cola (classic)
Coca-Cola (even more classic)
SUNshine Drink (some sort of pop, original ;) )

I didn't add protoss, due to them have a very bitter, stale taste ;)

Jorium Crystals (equivalent to crack) courtesy of Tosh
Immortal Fish
(in the immortal's in game portrait if you watch long enough you can see a fish swimming around :D )
Queen-Milk Cheese Quesadilla with Roasted Zergling bits.

Baneling Cherry topped Milkshake

Framberry Wine

Nuka-Cola Quantum (for Protoss!)

Creep Beer

Pulled Larva

Iced Pylon Coffee
How do ya like yer zerg? Well done? Or extra cripsy?
Leviathen Tentecals

Omegalisk ribs (for those who think that ultralisk ribs aren't enough)

Omegalisk steak

Hybrid Blood (shot or bottle)

Reaver (battered and fried)

Flaming betty (shot)

Stimpack (shot)

Ling wings (however you want them)

Hydralisk tounge (not for the weak willed)

Broodlings (fried and seasoned also comes with any dip)

Broodlord (cracked open and seasoned)

Baneling Acid (shot or bottle)

Banelings (deep fried and seasoned)

(any good?)

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