Compilation of Menus.

Joeyray's Bar
Bump, this needs to be the national Roleplay Menu.
06/16/2011 10:05 PMPosted by Galvian
Omegalisk ribs (for those who think that ultralisk ribs aren't enough)

I could actually go for one of those right now. Very well done, please!
Why is this dead.
"You are a disgrace to your own kind. We may just disown you for this. It died because we do not do Z&Z anymore and it is not needed. Disgraceful."
How do you know Z&Z is still dead?
KO is doing a remake of Z&Z, so this is most definitely still relevant...
Not what I meant, but ok.

Also goodnight.
"He uses his own menu, Owlfeathers. And Vultureing, it died a long time ago."
Hint hint at the top tells it all.
Organism Vultureling correct. All menus can be compiled here. Useful thread.
NEW DRINK: Larv-ade.
Tastes like Zerg, and goes GREAT with Hive Cake and Ultra-Nuggets.

Tastes like disappointment and happiness.
Hydralisk Jaws(Self Explanatory)
Beef Wellington(Why not ^^)
Some random bar roleplay:

A Zergling comes into the bar. "One CreepShake and a Zerg Rush Energy Drink please"

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